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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Annual Report 2019-20





The important work done by the Ethics Center is, in part, made possible by the generous financial support of its donors.


Two Column

"Thirty-six years ago, Linda and I were attending an orientation presentation at Santa Clara University. The dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Joe Subbiando, said something that hit me like a rubber mallet on the forehead! ‘We’ve even considered starting a center for ethics here at SCU!’ For years I had thought that ethics had taken a back seat in Silicon Valley decision making. Not that people were unethical…it just seemed to me that ethics was not on their radar screen most of the time. So, when the presentation was over I let the dean know we might have an interest in supporting an ethics center on campus.

Linda and I discussed it and decided that we should offer to fund such a program. Most importantly, we wanted the results of the center to be useful in everyday life so we suggested a center focused on interdisciplinary applied ethics. Linda and I are very proud of what the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics has accomplished.”

Mike and Linda Markkula



“We all need a reminder that we need to do the right thing, to remind ourselves of the moral compass that guides our decisions. Sometimes, we need help resolving a tough choice, even if the right decision is painful. The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics helps us choose what’s right.”

Craig Newmark



Two Column
Two Column

“We value the Ethics Center’s mission: the continuous effort of studying our own moral beliefs and our moral conduct, and striving to ensure that we, and the institutions we help to shape, live up to standards that are reasonable and solidly based.

In these times of struggle with complex issues, Dan and I welcome and support the Ethics Center’s efforts to facilitate difficult conversations that will bring about a more just, inclusive, and sustainable world.”

Dan and Charmaine Warmenhoven 



Special thanks to our endowment fund donors for contributions that sustain our work for years beyond their initial gifts:


$100,000 and above
Kristi and Steve Bowers
Linda and A.C. "Mike" Markkula
Markkula Foundation
Marty and Donna Melone
John M. and Timi Sobrato
Charmaine and Dan Warmenhoven
Warmenhoven Family Foundation

$20,000 - $99,999
Anonymous (1)
Ron and Lisa Blair
Donna Blair
Blair Family Foundation
Gary Connor
Cathie and Pitch Johnson, Jr.
Steve and Sally Lee
Dick and Sue Levy
C.S. and Jin Park

$10,000 - $19,999
Tania Ahuja
Kirk and Sarah Bresniker
Joan and John Casey, Jr.
Dan and Linda Cooperman
Art and Carol Courville
Gary and Laura Lauder
George Pasha, IV and Elyse Hug-Pasha
Noel Perry
Betsy and Steve Rafael
Byron and Stephanie Scordelis
Jim and Tina Welsh
Tacy Witter and Jeff Mayer

$5,000 - $9,999
Adolph and Rosemary Quilici
Bill and Ann Regan
John and Nancy Reynolds
Richard and Sally Slavin
Roger and Judy Smith
Dan and Sue White

$1,000 - $4,999
Amador and Rosalie Bustos
Claire Chamberlain
Douglas and Susan Chance
Gerry and Robin Ferrari
Gail Giacomazzi
Brian P. Green
George and Denise Heeg
Marianne Huesman
Risë Jones Pichon and Ulysses Pichon
Bob Kieve
Kieve Foundation
Katie Martin-Laurits and David Laurits
Carol Mayer Marshall and Bob Williams
Joyce Milligan
Milligan Family Foundation
Joe and Sarah Montes
Dave and Maureen O'Connor
Georganne and Michael Perkins
Dave and Charlotte Scholz
Scholz Family Trust
Mike and Alicia Seifert
Ervie Smith
Susan Trench
Phillip and Elaine Warren
Don and Sue Watters

Up to $999
Rick Allen, II and Liz Roberto Allen
Mary Allmann
Kathy and Edgar Almazol
Paul and Lucy Bacigalupo
Helen Baumann
Eric Bell and Susanne Spangler
Malia Belnap
Eugene Belogorsky
Kara Berlin
Sue Bleecker
Matt Bortner
Mike and Betsy Boston
Mary and Les Boughton
Nolan Bowers
Arlene Boyd
Richard and Carolyn Bricmont
Elizabeth Brierly
Greg Brown
John Burns
Madison Camarlinghi
Phil Cannon and Cheryl Conway
Tina Caratan
Nicolas Cardella
Robert Carlos
Rachel and Nick Casini
Jessica Cassinelli
Sharon and Jim Caviglia
Irene and Bill Chapman, Sr.
Kevin and Carleen Clark
Christine Condy
Michael and Sue Connelly
Dick and Patricia Daly
Albert and Joanne D'Amico
Elisa De Angelis and Eric Libre
David DeCosse
Monica and David DeLong
Deborah and Bruce Dembecki
Joel and Monica Dibble
Randy and Carolyn Dilena
Jennifer and Brian Dirking
Sara Dougherty and Andrew Hudnut
Sherri and Arthur Douville
Kenneth and Charla Eiken
Madeline Eiken
Miles Elliott
PJ and Joan Fallon
Darren and Trish Farrell
Ash Farrington
Allene Feldman
Jim Felser
Andrea Filler
Matthew and Kathleen Foley
Barron Fong
Kelly Fradet
Sam Frampton
Angelina Gallardo
Karl and Shelagh Glaser
Emily Hamlin
Kris and Gil Harper
Edgar Hawkyard
Tim Healy
Don and Jeanne Heider
Dick Heisel
Chris and Julie Henriques
Tyler Hinz
Kelly and Andy Hollingsworth
Ardeth Hollo
Peter Horan
Caroline Jaffe-Pickett
Amit Jain
Cody Johnson
Diane Jonte-Pace and David Pace
Samantha Juda
Steve Kahl
Anne Kangas
Peter and Judy Kennedy
Bill Kennedy
Margaret Ward Koike and Steven Koike
Kevin Krautscheid
Gail Kropp
Josephine Krossa
Sean and Shelley Large
Ida and Craig Larsen
Leslie Leonetti and Jock McCoy
Evan Lewis
Joan Harrington and David Light
Mark Lindberg
Kendra Livingston
Deborah Lohse
Mike and Catherine London
Susan Lucas Taylor
Noel Lyons and Jacala Kinney
Lizanne Lyons
Eoin Lyons
Brian and Dorrie Lysaght
John Mahoney and Lynda Cole
Tracey Mangin
Mary and Victor Marchini, Jr.
Misa Mascovich
Jacob Matta
Tim and Holly McGowan
Hope McGowan
Glen and Ellen McLaughlin
Margaret McLean
Leonard and Nadia McNally
Andy Medina
Erin and Eric Miller
Peter and Deborah Minowitz
N'Dea Moore-Petinak
Eddie and Catherine Moran
Patricia and Mitch Murakami
Karen Musica
Judy and Jerry Nadler
Mark and Keira Nothaft
Justin Ocampo
Julie and Tim O'Keefe
Teresa O'Neill
Margaret Ontiveros
Catie O'Reilly
Steven and Fabiola Orlowsky
Michael Pacelli
Maureen Patrick
John Petrilla
Julie Poimiroo
Elizabeth Powers
Roey Rahmil and Lorin Kline
Allison and Adam Rak
George Ramos
Terri and Zachary Reynolds
Bridget Reynolds
John and Lorraine Ritchie
Kendra Robinson
Albert Roman, II
Mark Roos and Catherine Rossi Roos
Christine Rossi and Mike McManus
Dorothea Salo
Amy Samuel-Meda
Jen Santoro
Mariana Santos
Aven Satre-Meloy
Celine and Curt Schmidek
Greg Schultz
Ken and Amy Scott
Wesley and Diane Sibole
Allie Sibole
Kathleen Simoudis
Ann and Bill Skeet
Elizabeth and Michael Smith
James Sontag
Jennifer Sparacino
Maureen Specchierla
Ernie Stanton
Loretta and James Stephenson
Matt Stoner
Katey and Jack Talbot
Bill Thorne, Jr.
Kathleen and Jeffrey Thuner
Nick Trausch, III
Marc Tunzi and Danielle Acton
Joyce Viloria and Alexander Keedy
Marilyn Voelke and Kelly Monaghan
Tom and Susan Walsh
Doug and Kathleen Warnecke
Thor Wasbotten and Lisa Lachman
Jim and Desiree Webb
Scott and Margaret Weber
Marc Christine Weibel
Andy and Cat Western
Bill and Tricia Williams
Caroline Wolf
Matthew Woytych
David and Tami Yanaga
Chris Yarp
Keith Yocam
Winston Yu