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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Annual Report 2022-23




The important work done by the Ethics Center is, in part, made possible by the generous financial support of its donors.

Why do you invest in the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics?

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“I give to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics to ensure it continues to provide a path towards trust, tolerance, empathy, and moral values. In the 1970’s I was fortunate to have Professor Dennis Moberg as an instructor for evening SCU classes. Professor Moberg provided a unique case study of how major business decisions that also consider world health, can benefit humanity. Understanding the long term needs of the Markkula Center also inspired me to establish an endowment fund for the Center in my estate plan. This fund will help the Ethics Center continue its great education for future generations and provide students with educational experiences that will help them work and live as ethical persons.”

- Gary Connor, MBA '79

“I became involved in the Ethics Center rather easily because two of the major challenges facing students of today are maintaining ethical behavior and not losing their moral compass when deciding environmental issues.”

- Mary Catherine Ganahl 

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"I believe that the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics deserves its honored reputation. It embodies that essential Jesuit concept of being 'of the world'. These difficult times call for a proactive ethical voice, a dedicated morality broker. There are many reasons, as you know, but the onset of unbridled technology ... poses a threat to our essential moral compass".

- Markkula donor

Endowment Fund Donors

Special thanks to our endowment fund donors. These contributions sustain our work for years beyond their initial gifts:

Anonymous (2)
Joan and the late Michael Hackworth
Linda and A.C. "Mike" Markkula
Martin and Donna Melone
Ann and William Regan III


2022-23 Annual Donors

$100,000 and above
The Lucas Brothers Foundation
Denise Melone
Marty and Donna Melone
Charmaine and Dan Warmenhoven
Warmenhoven Family Foundation

$20,000 - $99,999
Louise Aiello
Blair Family Foundation, Inc.
Donna Blair
Ron and Lisa Blair
Craig and Michele Borba
Gary Connor
Pitch and Cathie Johnson
Dan and Sue White

$10,000 - $19,999
Anonymous (1)
Cathy Benko
Kristi and Steve Bowers
John and Joan Casey
Dan and Linda Cooperman
Alicia and Charles Foster
Mary Ganahl
Tom and Katy Kelly
Dick Levy
Mike and Linda Markkula
Katie Martin-Laurits and David Laurits
Georganne and Michael Perkins
Noel Perry
Nancy and John Reynolds
Byron and Stephanie Scordelis
Mike and Courtney Selfridge
The Markkula Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999
Peggy and Dick Bradshaw
Jim and Liz Cowie
Risë Jones Pichon and Ulysses Pichon
Bill and Ann Regan
Marty and Diane Skrip


$1,000 - $4,999
Anonymous (1)
Douglas and Susan Chance
Gerry and Robin Ferrari
PJ and Joan Fallon
Mary Ellen Fox
Marianne Huesman
Jim and Stephanie Kambe
Dan and Maya McBride
Joe and Sarah Montes
Mark and Lauren Stanich

Up to $999
Rick Allen and Liz Roberto Allen
Kathy and Edgar Almazol
Ahmed Amer
Mercedes Andalon
Samuel Andalon
Michele Arbios
Joseph Bittner
Neal and Joanna Black
Sue Bleecker
Jim Bowe
Arlene Boyd
Dorothée Caminiti
Sarah Campbell (Cox)
Tina Caratan
Robert Carlos
Kevin and Carleen Clark
Kelli Coffey
Christine Condy
Michael and Sue Connelly
Laura Cooper
Paul and Anne Davis
David DeCosse
Monica and David DeLong
Debbie and Bruce Dembecki
Joel and Monica Dibble
Grace Dibble
Rod Divelbiss and Jan Butler
Lily Evans
Ash and Ian Farrington



For questions, please contact Leslie Leonetti, director external relations, at









Up to $999 (continued)
Jim Fesler
Matthew and Kathleen Foley
Barron Fong
Lorenzo and Veronica Gamboa
Gigi and Tom Gilman
Elizabeth and Gabriel Gils Carbo
Brian Green
Kris and Gil Harper
Anna Heider
Don Heider
Jeanne Heider
Andy Hinton
Albert Hipon
Scott and Trulie Holmes
Jonathan Huckert
Charles Huckert Caminiti
Garret Jensen
Vivian Kambe
Lauren Kambe
Margeaux Kambe
Leslie and Gerard Kesselring
Kevin Krautscheid
Clare Krebsbach and Tom Barber
Josephine and Kenneth Krossa
James Lai and Florence Li
Jill and John Kakstigala
Laurie Leonetti
Leslie Leonetti and Jock McCoy
Lisa Leonetti
Mark and Karen Libby
Kendra Livingston
Eoin Lyons
Brian and Dorrie Lysaght
Bill and Mary Mahoney
Vic and Mary Marchini
Patricia and John Matthews
Hope McGowan
Leonard and Nadia McNally
Murray and Mary Ann McQueen
Woerner and Deborah Meehan
Linda Melluish
Peter and Deborah Minowitz
Maria Miranda
Kelly Monaghan and Marilyn Voelke
Eddie and Catherine Moran
Maryam Mujica
Julia O'Keefe
Teresa O'Neill
Penny and Jeff Osorio
Michael Pacelli
John Pelissero
Ray Plaza
Julie Poimiroo
Karina Punu
Roey Rahmil and Lorin Kline
Irina Raicu
Rajendro and Anuja Rao
Charles Rausch
Chris Reynolds
Carl and Patricia Riccoboni
Bill Riddle
Albert Roman
Christine Rossi and Mike McManus
Aven Satre-Meloy
Allie Sibole and Rick Schulte
Ken and Amy Scott
Wesley and Diane Sibole
Paul and Paula Siegel
John Smith
Jennifer Sparacino
Bill Thorne
Kathleen and Jeffrey Thuner
Dave Townes
Nick Trausch
Timothy Troglia and Sandara Carrasco
Joyce Viloria and Alexander Keedy
Subbu Vincent
Tom and Sue Walsh
Thor Wasbotten and Lisa Lachman
Don and Sue Watters
Scott and Margaret Weber
Marc and Christine Weibel
Andy and Cat Western
Jim and Nancy Whelan
Caroline Wolf
Tami and David Yanaga
Sharon and Olujimi Yoloye
Eric Yu
Wade and Sheryl Zukeran