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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Annual Report 2022-23


By the Numbers

By the Numbers

Our communications and marketing efforts to increase visibility of content created by Ethics Center program leaders, ethicists, and student fellows and interns spans many media channels.

2022-23 Media Mentions and Articles


Media Coverage: 

Publications around the world turn to the Center’s leaders and scholars for their insight and perspectives on various ethical issues through columns and opinion pieces including David DeCosse’s monthly column in the National Catholic Reporter, Ann Skeet’s frequent contributions to Marketwatch, and Subbu Vincent’s monthly contribution to Forbes.  Publications include but are not limited to Wall St. Journal, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Newsweek, US News and World Report.

In the past year, the center has been cited both internationally and domestically over 1,700 times, a more than 400% increase over the previous year and driven largely by the launch of the Institute for Technology, Ethics, and Culture (ITEC) and media attention around the release of the ITEC Handbook in June, 2023. 


2022-23 Pageviews and Visitors


Website Traffic:

Our continued goal is to reach audiences beyond just our Santa Clara University community to promote the value and news of ethics. The Ethics Center website welcomed 3,056,440 visitors in 2022-23 generating 5,594,744 pageviews – representing a 29% increase in visitation and a 28% increase in pageview volume over the previous academic year. Of that traffic, 44% of visitors came from the United States, with visitors from the Philippines, India, Canada, and Australia representing the next largest populations to access Ethics Center website materials. Visitors from California represent 16% of the overall demographic of visitors to our website – an indication that we are reaching far beyond our region.


2022-23 Social Followers and Newsletter subscribers



Social Media:

Social Media is one of our most used forms of outreach to engage with wider audiences. In utilizing these communication platforms, we strive to engage with both our student body to encourage younger audiences to participate in the discussion of ethics, as well as reach alumni, industry professionals, media, and academic constituents. The Markkula Center’s various social media platforms reach 17,096 followers, an 11% increase from the previous year. In 2022-23 we saw an increase in followership and post engagement across each of the platforms for which we engage (LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube).


The Center produces and sends a monthly Center Newsletter, as well as focus area specific blog posts, RSS content notifications, and e-newsletters to over 7,000 mailing list subscribers with an open rate between 40-50%.


Ethics Center video content including replays of previous year’s events and focus area related content received over 288,000 views in 2022-23. Though down in viewership from previous years, In His Own Words: The Theranos Whistleblower remains the most watched video on our YouTube channel given the continued media coverage of that event and its value as a business and leadership ethics teaching module.

Virtual and On-Campus Events:

Virtual and on-campus events are one among many forms of outreach that the Markkula Center offers to engage our community in discussions about ethics. Our staff conducted and promoted 14 events and webinars. The majority of these were recorded and continue to attract new viewers with over 4,500 event replays.


The Center debuted a new podcast, Wild Beasts, with 7 inaugural episodes hosted by SCU alumna and 2020-21 Hackworth Fellow Courtney Davis. Davis and invited guests discuss moral decisions that have a wide social impact. Additionally, the Ethics Center and Miller Center continued their collaboration with the Line of Sight podcast, and produced and promoted 9 new episodes garnering just under 1,000 podcast downloads in 2022-23.

Ethics Spotlights:

Our Ethics Spotlight on Generative AI, which made its debut in February 2023 addressed early concerns relating to the introduction of this powerful and unregulated technology generating more than 18,000 page views. Previously produced spotlight content on a wide array of important and timely ethical considerations continues to generate interest. Our combined spotlight-related content across all topics was viewed 143,000 times in 2022-23.

Articles/Blog Posts: 

Ethics Center staff and students produced over 80 essays, articles, and case studies for the Ethics Center website in 2022-23.