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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Diversity Dialogues

Anticipating the fierce national conversations on #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, the Center’s Leadership Ethics Program planned a yearlong series of events on diversity—on campus, in the workplace, and internationally. This year, we heard from BlackRock Managing Director Michelle Edkins on the importance of diversity on boards of directors; from CEO of DreamBox Jessie Woolley-Wilson on leveraging agile methodology to manage diversity and inclusion; and from former U.S. Ambassador Mary Ann Peters (SCU ’72) on including women in peace talks. Here Peters, now CEO of the Carter Center, talks about why including women in peace negotiations is the right, fair, and smart thing to do:

Mary Ann Peters

“It’s not just a fairness issue; it’s not just a justice issue. Of course, it is both of those things, but including women in conflict resolution has proven to be an efficient way to attain and sustain peace. We need women in positions of power, which means political office, dealing with questions of war and peace and national security. This is necessary if we are going to get a handle on the problems we face in the world, particularly those that are conflict-driven. There is evidence that bringing in women leads to better outcomes.”

Mary Ann Peters, CEO, The Carter Center


Center Programs on Diversity

Workplace Diversity Dialogues

The Science of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Sparking Transformative Solutions
Jeff Flory and Kara Helander, Founders, SODI

Talking in the Workplace
Panel on microaggressions, Islamophobia, and freedom of speech in professional settings

How Women Influence Peace Negotiations and Politics Globally
Mary Ann Peters, CEO, The Carter Center

How Diversity Serves Good Governance
Michelle Edkins, Managing Director, BlackRock

A CEO’s Approach: Leveraging Agile Methodology to Manage Diversity & Inclusion
Jessie Woolley-Wilson, CEO, DreamBox

Student Programs

Other Activities

  • New Character Education lesson plans for books on the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage, and the intellectual contributions of Islamic civilization
  • Spanish-language versions of the Build.Plant.Grow. faith formation curriculum
  • Training for the social sector on cultural competency