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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Giving and Financials


Markkula Center for Applied Ethics 2018 Revenue Chart

2018 Revenue: $3,764,451

Gift Revenue: 30%
Funds held from
previous years: 29%
Endowment Income: 19%
University Support: 16%
Fee Revenue: 6%

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics 2018 Expenses Chart

2018 Expenses: $3,764,451

Programs: 67%
Funds held for
future years: 18%
Internships, Fellowships,
and Grants: 6%
Administration: 5%
Fundraising: 4%



Special thanks to our endowment fund donors for contributions that sustain our work for years beyond their initial gifts:

Anonymous (2)
Joan and the late Michael Hackworth
Linda and A.C. “Mike” Markkula Jr.
Martin and Donna Melone
Ann and William V. Regan III

$100,000 and above

Anonymous (1)
Kristi and Steve Bowers
Craig Newmark Foundation
Linda and A.C. “Mike” Markkula Jr.
Markkula Foundation
Craig and Eileen Newmark
Dan and Charmaine Warmenhoven
Warmenhoven Family Foundation

$20,000 - $99,999

Anonymous (2)
Asset Management Company
Democracy Fund
Ernst & Young LLP
Google Inc.
Franklin and Catherine Johnson
Knight Foundation
Omidyar Foundation

$10,000 - $19,999

Joan and John Casey
Chuck and Nan Geschke
Gary and Laura Lauder
Martin and Donna Melone
Noel Perry
Betsy and Steve Rafael
Roger and Judy Smith

$5,000 to $9,999

Art Courville
Teresa and Bill Elder
Kirk and Kathryn Hanson
Joyce Milligan
Milligan Family Foundation
Adolph and Rosemary Quilici
Phyllis and Mike Shea Sr.
Richard and Sally Slavin
Tacy Witter and Jeff Mayer

$1,000 to $4,999

Louise Aiello
Kathy and Howard Anderson
Betty and Paul Baldacci Jr.
Amador and Rosalie Bustos
Mike and Wendy Carey
Douglas and Susan Chance
Jennifer and Brian Dirking
Gerry and Robin Ferrari
Mary Ellen and Michael E. Fox Family Foundation
Gail Giacomazzi
Timothy and Jill Harmon
Peter Horan
Marianne Huesman
Risë R. and Ulysses Pichon
Bob Kieve
Kieve Foundation
Julie Klenske
Norm Kline and Allison Abbott-Kline
Alan and Joanne Leupp
Katharine A. Martin and David Laurits
Carol Mayer Marshall and Bob Williams
Ronald Miciak and Deb Pushor-Miciak
Bill Moher Jr.
Joe and Sarah Montes
Ann and William V. Regan III
Byron and Stephanie Scordelis
Mike and Alicia Seifert
Ervie Smith
Phillip and Elaine Warren
Don and Sue Watters

Up to $999

Anonymous (6)
Mary and Gary Albitz
Ramsey Allington and Shaluinn Fullove
Kathy and Ed Almazol
Oscar and Maria Antonio
Paul and Marie Arnold
Robert Audi
Paul and Lucy Bacigalupo
Frankie Bastone
Helen Baumann
Rita Beamish and Paul Costello
Brian Bennett and Donna Delahoussaye
Joseph Bittner
Ellie Bortner
Matt Bortner
Mary and Les Boughton
Jim Bowe
Nolan Bowers
Emma Bowers
Arlene Boyd
Carolyn Brennan
Hana and Michael Callaghan
Madison Camarlinghi
Monika Caradonna
Robert Carlos
Joseph and Joan Casey
David Cavander
Howard and Julie Chait
Cynthia Chang
Bill and Irene Chapman
Priyanka Choudhury
Kevin and Carleen Clark
Mark and Lisa Clevenger
Jim and Elena Colyar
Christine Condy
Michael and Sue Connelly
Elizabeth Connelly
Gary Connor
Dick and Patricia Daly
Elisa De Angelis and Eric Libre
David DeCosse
Monica and David DeLong
Randy and Carolyn Dilena
Sherri and Arthur Douville
PJ and Joan Fallon
Wills and Kendall Fallon
Andrea Filler
Don and Kathy Fitzgerald
Matthew and Kathleen Foley
Barron Fong
Joan Harrington and Richard Fuchs
Kelly Fuller
Brent Gilliland
Carol Grable
Brian and Karen Green
Joseph and Ardeth Gregg
James and Katy Hamlin
Anna Han and Daniel Klein
Kit Hanlon
Dave and Sandy Hanower
Amy and Todd Hansen
Daniel Hanson

Up to $999 (cont.)

Kris and Gil Harper
Edgar Hawkyard
Dick Heisel
Ardeth Hollo
Debra Iob
Anne Ivey
Caroline Jaffe-Pickett
Raymond James
Diane Jonte-Pace and David Pace
Anne Kangas
Bill Kennedy
Steven Ketchpel
Shantanu Kothavale
Kevin Krautscheid
Gail Kropp
Josephine Krossa
Abhinav Kumar
Scott Laidlaw and Suzanne Bartels
Sean and Shelley Large
Alexander Larkin
Ida and Craig Larsen
Edward Lee
Gerald Lemye
Laurie Leonetti
Leslie Leonetti and Jock McCoy
Lisa Leonetti
Casey Lerner
Brendan Lewis
Mark and Karen Libby
Mark Lindberg
Kendra Livingston
Deborah Lohse
Gregory and Susan Lowe
Susan Lucas Taylor
Brian and Dorrie Lysaght
Zafar and Huma Malik
Thomas and Susan Mandle
Victor Marchini Jr.
Bob and Sharon Mardula
Megan and John Martinelli
Misa Mascovich
Jacob Matta
Patricia and John Matthews
Glen and Ellen McLaughlin
Margaret McLean
Murray and Mary Ann McQueen
Woerner and Deborah Meehan
Linda Melluish
Gabriela Mena
Phyllis Miller
Erin and Eric Miller
Peter and Deborah Minowitz
Maria Miranda
Kelly Monaghan and Marilyn Voelke
Eddie Moran
Lynda Morrison-Rader
Saayeli Mukherji
Janet Murphy
Jerry and Judy Nadler
Mike Nagle and Susan Farber Nagle
Bob and Veronica Nelson
Drew Norell Jr.
Justin Ocampo
Julie and Tim O’Keefe
Carol and Conor O’Mahony
Teresa O’Neill
Catie O’Reilly
Michael Pacelli
Maureen Patrick
Natasha and Juan Pedroza
John Petrilla
Julie Poimiroo
Mike Poitevin and Vickie Barrious Poitevin
Cindy and Douglas Pollack
Karina Punu Kodres
Neil Quinn
Diane Raddatz
Michael Radford
Alicia Rangel
Ann and Stephen Ravel
Stefano and Emily Rebagliati
Connie Renda
Terri and Zachary Reynolds
Vic and Corrine Rice
Kendra Robinson
Addy Roff
Albert Roman II
Ted and Catherine Romley
Mark Roos and Catherine Rossi Roos
Chris Rossi and Mike McManus
Joe and Donna Rubino
Michele and John Rugo
Jen Santoro
Mariana Santos
Aven Satre-Meloy
Paul and Judith Scannell
Chonsa Schmidt
Miriam and Howard Schulman
Ken and Nancy Scott
Mike and Colleen Sexton
Allie Sibole
Kathleen Simoudis
Ann and Bill Skeet
Susan Slaughter
Jessica Snyder
James Sontag
Jennifer Sparacino
Sara Tangdall
Lynn Tartell
Bill Thorne Jr.
Karen Thrift
Kathleen and Jeffrey Thuner
Nick Trausch III
Marc Tunzi and Danielle Acton
Sarah Ulansey-Tkach
Shannon Vallor
Michael Van Der Karr
Sol and Christine Varon
Tony Vigliotta and Meredith Connolly
Vivian Vo
Karen Voelker
Jim and Desiree Webb
Marc and Christine Weibel
Donald and Kelli Welsh
Christine Welter
Andy and Cat Western
Jim and Nancy Whelan
Jim and Barbara Wilson
Kathy and Karl Winkelman
Caroline Wolf
Keith Yocam
Mee Yin Yuen
Elliot and Laura Zanger

This list reflects gifts and pledges for our fiscal year from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018. Please contact Leslie Leonetti at (408) 551-3474 or if you have any comments or questions.



Kathy Almazol
Kathy Anderson
Kristi Markkula Bowers
John S. Bronson
Doug Chance
Art Courville
Teresa Elder
Michael E. Fox, Sr.
Charles Geschke
Jonathan S. Hoak
Lori Laub
Gary Lauder
Dick Levy
Carol Mayer Marshall
Katharine A. Martin
Martin Melone
C.S. Park
George W. Pasha, IV
F. Noel Perry
Risë R. Pichon
Ann M. Ravel
Byron A. Scordelis
Michael Shea, Sr.
Richard Slavin
Ervie Smith
Charmaine Warmenhoven
Don Watters

Emeritus Members

A.C. “Mike” Markkula Jr.
William Terry