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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Culture Self-Assessment Practice



Boards are "responsible for due diligence and the promotion of an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct..."
— 2013 Federal U.S. Sentencing Guidelines

The following materials help organizations understand how to do culture assessment for ethics. 

In order, the tabs offer: a description of how to do an assessment, a definition of healthy culture with recommended action steps, a case study of assessment at Seagate, samples of questions for the process, an interview with lead independent director at Seagate about their experience, a slide deck that can be used to share information about culture assessment’s history and process with colleagues, a set of articles about culture (both practical and academic), and a framework for ethical decision making.

Facilitated Meeting

How to Do a Culture Assessment

business meeting

Defining Healthy Organizational Culture

Seagate Logo

Seagate: A Case Study in Culture Assessment

Case Studies

Sample Question Sets

CS Park

A Discussion with Seagate's Lead Independent Director


Culture Assessment: A Learning Process (PowerPoint)

Reading an Article

Resources on Culture 

Man deciding direction

A Framework for Ethical Decision Making


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