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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

ESG Internet and Privacy Resources


The following materials help organizations and leaders understand the connection between internet privacy and ESG topics (environment, social and governance).

Resources on ESG and Privacy Topics

Ethical questions pertaining to the use of proctoring software in online teaching.

desk with computer in front of window

Should remote tracking tools be deployed to assess the employees in the C-level suite?

A collage of faces

Ethical questions about data collection, access, use, and control.

For Sale sign

Is it appropriate to think of personal data as a commodity?

Students on a college campus

How should we think about the use of student data by colleges and universities in efforts to improve student retention or academic success?

The age of artificial intelligence forces us to work harder to define (and protect) human intelligence.

Photo by Sjoerd Los dealing with grief.  i battle it with color.  DSC04052-14

Should we develop "griefbots"?

kid looking at smartphone screen

The "moral concern" about screen time for kids

gate in wall

Although we want to understand (and learn from) the past, we don't owe history our secrets.

Codes of our own invention

In a time of new surveillance tools, coded language can protect privacy.

As the number of people who are downloading ad-blocking software has grown, so has the volume of the debate about the ethics of ad-blocking.

Poll after poll finds that people do value their privacy, are deeply concerned by its erosion, and want more laws to protect it.

With every book subtitled "Who We Are (When We Think No One's Looking)," we become more likely to assume that someone's always looking.