Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Journalism Ethics

As journalism has moved online, the traditional journalism ethics dilemmas around fairness, accuracy, and inclusivity have become more complicated.

With its focus on digital journalism ethics, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics is exploring those complexities: In a world of bloggers and online infotainment, who is a journalist? How can journalism harness the diversity of online voices to provide a richer view of the world? How can serious journalism set itself apart in the digital realm? Working with leading editors and publishers, we are exploring these questions and developing technological tools to establish trustworthiness online.


Social Media Platforms: Influence and Ethics

The public square has shifted to the digital space. With large swaths of the globe accessing news on social media, what is the responsibility of a platform—if any—to combat disinformation? Journalism Ethics Director Sally Lehrman speaks on a panel at the Skoll World Forum.

Commentary on Journalism Ethics

    The Trust Project

    The Trust Project develops digital strategies to signal trustworthiness in reporting to both audiences and search engines.

    Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism Ethics

    News executives, entrepreneurs, technology, and digital media leaders share ideas, network, and brainstorm solutions to some of journalism’s most pressing problems.