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Student Reading on Santa Clara University Campus

In addition to its primary focus areas, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics has developed programs, resources, and expertise in the following subjects:

Environmental Ethics

Reflecting the University's strategic focus on sustainability, the Ethics Center sponsors many programs and develops online resources in Environmental Ethics.  In 2015, we participated in the University's international conference on climate change.  Our undergraduate Environmental Ethics Fellows have developed a set of resources on the ethical aspects of sustainability on the SCU campus. The website also offers a short course in environmental ethics, a teaching module on the papal encyclical on the environment, and other materials.

Religion and Ethics

As an ethics center at a Catholic university, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics has hosted a series of events focused on conscience in many fields. We participate in a variety of efforts on religion and ethics through the network of Jesuit institutions of higher learning.

Technology Ethics

In the heart of the Silicon Valley, the Ethics Center sponsors a many activities on biotechnology and IT.  We partner with the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose to integrate ethics into the museum's exhibits and programming.

The website also offers collections of articles, cases, and other material on:

Engineering Ethics

Sports Ethics

Global Ethics

Legal Ethics