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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Bioengineering Cases

Case studies on ethics for bioengineers

  • Apathy over Anonymity

    A bioengineering researcher discovers an error in protocol and feels pressured not to report it to her supervisor.

  • Trimming Data

    A medical researcher is asked to trim data before presenting it to the scientific advisory board.

  • Stem Cell Party

    A genetic engineer feels a responsibility to educate colleagues on the truth behind stem cell research.

  • A Lengthy Dilemma

    A medical company asks blood sample suppliers to sign an ethically questionable consent form.

  • Looking toward a Medical Future

    A researcher of regenerative medicine meets a man who is eager sign up for potentially dangerous human testing.

  • A Positively Negative Response

    A bioengineer's research leads to the discovery that a patient might have prostate cancer.

  • Questioning the Average

    An employee overseeing data analysis on a clinical drug trial has concerns about the safety of a client's drug.