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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Ordinary Time: Christmas to Lent

After the high celebration of Christmas we enter into what is known as Ordinary Time,  a time that is routine much like the cycle of our lives, a routine helps us to reflect on the high and low points of our lives.  The Ordinary Time of the Church functions much in the same manner. This season is symbolized by a various hues of green to symbolize hope.

During Ordinary Time the Scriptures readings focus on the events of Jesus’ life between his birth, life among the people, death and Resurrection.  This season provides a time for those gathered to hear the Word of God to focus and reflect on the things Jesus lived and taught so that those values and attitudes may become part of those of the hearers.




Build. Plant. Grow. provides catechetical instruction for children based on the Sunday readings of the Christian Church during the period beginning with Advent up to and including the closure of the liturgical year with the Feast of Christ the King. These readings from the Lectionary are divided into three-year cycles

Lesson plans include a short exegesis of the readings, application to a children's book, and the virtue that is common to the Bible readings and the children's book, activities to extend the understanding of the virtue, practical advice for incorporating the virtue in an age-appropriate manner. Examples of the children's books include such favorites as Listen and Learn, A Castle on Viola Street, I Have a Dream, and Mother Teresa.