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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Leadership Ethics Programs

Ann Skeet, Director of Leadership Ethics

Leadership Ethics Director Ann Skeet facilitates the Partners in Business Ethics.

Leadership Ethics crosses over into all of our program areas, from business to government to nonprofits. Because leaders set the tone in their organizations, their approach to setting the ethical climate often determines how others will behave.

In addition to working with leaders through our Public Sector Roundtable and Executive Roundtable on Digital Journalism Ethics, our Leadership programs include:

Ethical Culture Assessment

Although they share responsibility for the ethical culture of the organization, boards of directors don't always have a clear window on the attitudes and behaviors of employees.  The Ethical Culture Assessment offers boards of directors actionable information about the state of ethics and compliance in their organization.

Partners in Business Ethics

Partners in Business Ethics brings together executives and scholars in a forum designed to increase the members’ knowledge about effectively managing ethics in business organizations.


Leadership Ethics Staff

Ann Skeet

Director, Leadership Ethics

Ann Skeet