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857/859 Bellomy Street

857/859 Bellomy Neighborhood Unit

Neighborhood Unit | 857/859 Bellomy Street

857/859 Bellomy Street: Occupancy
Five (5) bedroom unit
Two (2) bathrooms
Minimum resident occupancy: Five (5) students
Maximum resident occupancy: Eight (8) students
Quarterly Billing & Contract Dates
Room and board charges for the neighborhood units are billed quarterly to each student's Bursar account and include an apartment dining plan. The room charge does include utilities other than cable and internet. 
Fall quarter room charge = Four (4) months: September, October, November & December
Winter quarter room charge = Three (3) months: January, February & March
Spring quarter room charge = Three (3) months: April, May & June
The contract term is for 10 months Setpember through June of the current academic year.