857/859 Bellomy Street

857/859 Bellomy Neighborhood Unit

Neighborhood Unit | 857/859 Bellomy Street

857/859 Bellomy Street: Occupancy
Five (5) bedroom unit
Two (2) bathrooms
Minimum resident occupancy: Five (5) students
Maximum resident occupancy: Nine (9) students
Quarterly Billing & Contract Dates
Room charges for the neighborhood units are billed quarterly to each student's Bursar account and do not include a dining plan. The room charge does include utilities other than cable and internet. 
Fall quarter room charge = Four (4) months: September, October, November & December
Winter quarter room charge = Three (3) months: January, February & March
Spring quarter room charge = Three (3) months: April, May & June
The contract term is for 10 months beginning on August 31, 2018 and ending on June 30, 2019.