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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Current Business Ethics Interns

Intel Intern

Miles Elliot

Miles Elliott is a senior from Lafayette, California, double majoring in Communication and Philosophy. Presently, he is interning at Intel as a legal clerk for the Ethics & Legal Compliance program. During the school year, Miles also works for the Philosophy department where he helps design virtual reality representations of classical thought experiments. Miles also is a founding father and the current President of the Santa Clara chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. Following graduation. He will be applying to law schools this next year.

Intel Intern

Bo Kendall

Bo Kendall is a senior from Missoula, Montana, double majoring in Communication and Philosophy. He is interning for Intel in the Ethics & Legal Compliance department over the summer and for the 2018-19 academic year. After college, Bo hopes to attend law school. Bo is currently the President of the Sigma Chi fraternity at Santa Clara. During his time at SCU, he has also been a member of the men’s club lacrosse team as well as a reporter for The Santa Clara, the student newspaper.

Intel Intern

Sam McNeal

Sam McNeal is a Junior from San Diego, California, double-majoring in Philosophy and English. He is working for Intel in their Ethics & Legal Compliance department on a yearlong contract for 2019. During the school year, Sam works as a Writing Partner at SCU's HUB Writing Center and serves as the Risk Manager of the Sigma Chi Fraternity at Santa Clara. After graduation, he plans to apply to law school because everyone keeps telling him that the world needs more lawyers.