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Reporting and Resources

A message from the IDEAS Coalition

During one of our student-run forums, we found that many of the resources that students in the School of Engineering need during times of difficulty are hard to find or understand. The current resources are spread out all over SCU's website and in offices all around campus. We wanted to bring all those resources together, so that students could easily find what they need.

The SCU Declassified: A Comprehensive Student Resource Guide course is a resource guide for anyone with issues regarding academics, student life, sexual assault, bias offenses, and more. It is not a mandatory course that needs to be completed. We just hope that it can help! All Engineering students will be automatically enrolled into this course.

SCU Declassified: A Comprehensive Student Resource Guide

School of Engineering Diversity Initiatives and Background

The School of Engineering developed a set of organizational priorities to support our vision, mission, and values, and one of the main priorities aims at fostering an inclusive environment that promotes the diversity of our faculty, staff, and students. As a result, during the 2019/2020 AY new positions were created, and a set of programs were established, including three main goals: 

  1. To create a culture where faculty, staff, and students regularly attend DEI workshops and view this as a valuable part of their own professional development. In doing this we aim to grow our community together and learn from each other.
  2. To provide tools that will encourage students, faculty, and staff to report incidents, from micro-aggressions to serious offenses.
  3. Create mechanisms to incorporate the SCU mission into our culture to improve inclusion.

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ASEE Diversity Recognition Program: Bronze Level: 2021-2023