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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Technology and Internet Ethics Resources Inventory


This is a one-stop-shop resource compilation for Computer Science and Computer Engineering faculty involved in the Responsible CS award.


Teaching Modules

Software Engineering Ethics Module

The software engineering ethics module includes reading, homework assignments, case studies, and classroom exercises, all designed to spark a conversation about ethical issues that aspiring software engineers will face in their careers.

Ethics in Technology Practice

A compendium of materials provides an overview that clarifies what we mean when we talk about technology ethics; relevant frameworks for ethical decision-making; seven concise case studies; an ethical toolkit for integrating consideration of ethics throughout product development; a sample workflow integration of the tools; a list of best practices in technology design and engineering; and more.

An Introduction to Cybersecurity Ethics

This ethics module for cybersecurity-related courses includes a reading, homework assignments, and case studies, all designed to spark a conversation about ethical issues that students will face in their role as cybersecurity professionals.

An Introduction to Data Ethics

Designed to be incorporated in data science courses, this module includes a reading, homework assignments, and case studies to spark a conversation about ethical issues that students will face in their role as data practitioners.

Your Privacy Online

Should you care about privacy? This group of resources addresses that question, including an exploration of what privacy has to do with ethics, threats to privacy, and steps you can take to protect your privacy.


Case Studies

A Template for Technology Ethics Case Studies

Brian Green, director Technology Ethics and Irina Raicu, director Internet Ethics provide a template with the basics for writing ethics case studies in technology.

Internet Ethics Cases

Case studies on topics in Internet Ethics including privacy, hacking, social media, the "right to be forgotten", and hashtag activism are listed here.

The "Goodbye Fears Monster"

The goal of the "Goodbye Fears Monster", a toy developed by Mattle, is to help kids combat their fears and help them fall asleep easier. This case study discusses ethical dilemmas in the world of cyber security and privacy. 

Engineering Ethics cases

In 2014-2015, Santa Clara University School of Engineering. students working as Hackworth Engineering Ethics Fellows at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, interviewed numerous engineers and collected nearly 40 engineering ethics cases from Silicon Valley and beyond. This is a series of the best of these cases that have been written, anonymized, and honed to highlight their ethical content. 

Occidental Engineering Case Study Part I 

This case study describes the challenges frequently faced by project managers and test engineers. It includes a scenario faced by employees of Occidental Engineering and the ethical decisions they have to make.

Sentio Ergo Sum

This case study raises ethical questions when AI software analyses emotional intelligence for customer service representatives. 


Other Reading


We provide free materials to encourage and support ethics training workshops in technology companies, especially for designers and engineers. This compendium of materials is designed specifically for practice-oriented ethics training programs within the tech industry.

Internet Ethics Articles

Listed here are the articles for Internet Ethics, including privacy, databases and data mining, cybersecurity, the Internet of things, and the "right to be forgotten".

The Democracy Project

Internet Ethics

Technology Ethics


Jul 4, 2019