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MOBI COVID-19 Resources Page and New Accelerated Course

Image of coronavirus

Image of coronavirus

MOBI Provides COVID-19 Resources Page and Introduces Accelerated Course with New Content

MOBI Provides COVID-19 Resources Page for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses and Introduces New Accelerated Course to Quicken Path to Entrepreneurship

Santa Clara University’s My Own Business Institute (MOBI) has compiled a list of COVID-19 resources in a new Resources for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses web page to help business owners identify and pursue assistance during the coronavirus health emergency. In addition, MOBI has brought together the ten most essential sessions of its popular Starting a Business and Business Expansion courses to create a new accelerated program entitled Quick Start Entrepreneur. New content developed internally and in collaboration with the Santa Clara University Ciocca Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will also be included as bonus features.

MOBI's COVID-19 Resources for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses web page provides helpful links to organizations and sites that provide information for small businesses and entrepreneurs, organized by federal, state/local, international, financial, and other designations.

Quick Start Entrepreneur is designed to help accelerate entrepreneurial learning and readiness during the COVID-19 pandemic, so that students can pursue business ownership or career aspirations more quickly. MOBI students who complete the Quick Start Entrepreneur course and pass the final exam will earn a Certificate of Completion and a digital badge from Santa Clara University, just as with the standard MOBI courses. Like all MOBI courses and content, Quick Start Entrepreneur and the additional bonus sessions are free and available online to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Bonus features developed by MOBI Executive Director and SCU Professor of Information Systems and Analytics Drew Starbird, Ph.D., together with his colleague and MOBI instructor David Aune, include three new topics: Selling, Controlling Costs, and Making Ethical Decisions. In addition, MOBI is partnering with the Santa Clara University Ciocca Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to develop two more sessions: Business Storytelling and Adapting in the Midst of Change

“Our objective with Quick Start Entrepreneur is to help individuals get the knowledge, resources, and tools they need as quickly as possible so they can pursue their business goals now from home and in the future when the coronavirus pandemic restrictions are lifted,” said Drew Starbird, Ph.D., MOBI executive director and Santa Clara University professor of Information Systems and Analytics. “We also wanted to provide new content in concert with the Ciocca Center, so our existing students and alumni can gain additional skills during this difficult time.”

During this health emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses and entrepreneurs face unforeseen challenges and difficult decisions. MOBI hopes its new resources page and the Quick Start Entrepreneur course provide a faster path toward assistance, entrepreneurship, and opportunity.

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