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  • Keep Cash Flowing: 5 Ways to Secure Repeat Customers

    People who already trust you and your brand are more likely to invest again in your products or services, making recurring customers one of the most efficient sources of ongoing income. Our guest blogger shares 5 ways small business owners can win repeat business.

  • What is an Inspirational Entrepreneur?

    We usually hear about entrepreneurs who have made the most money, invented the most innovative product, or who have “disrupted” the most entrenched industry. This post offers a different perspective by classifying attributes of entrepreneurs who are the most inspirational.

  • Seven Reasons People Become Entrepreneurs

    It is important that we understand why people become entrepreneurs so that we can design supportive educational programs and advise others, particularly policy-makers, on how to help entrepreneurs.

  • Underdog Entrepreneurs: Beating the Odds

    On the surface, they appear to be long shots. Yet, underdog entrepreneurs show us that life's challenges can sometimes lead to good outcomes. Read about the five common skills shared by underdog entrepreneurs in Dr. Drew Starbird's latest blog and meet a recent alumna who's delivering on less traditional measures of success.

  • Helping New Entrepreneurs Overcome Fear

    New businesses represent dynamism in the economy. Yet, many businesses never take flight because aspiring entrepreneurs are held back by fear. MOBI Executive Director Dr. Drew Starbird shares four ways we can help new entrepreneurs.

  • Increase Business Success with Market Research

    Market research can build closer customer relationships and increase chances of business success. Professor Kumar Sarangee shares two essential steps when it comes to getting market research right.

  • What is Market Research?

    Businesses strive to make their customers satisfied with their products or services. Therefore, as a small business owner it is important to understand the customer. Market research can help small business owners guarantee satisfaction to their customers and help them understand the market. Learn more about it in this article.

  • What is a Business Model?

    When starting a business, it is important to lay out a business model beforehand. It should lay out the basic aspects of your business, from the finances to the business structure, and should address these issues in detail. Learn more about business models in this blog.

  • What You Need to Know about Venture Capital

    For an emerging entrepreneur or business owner, a bank is not always the best option for gaining the initial capital needed to get your company off the ground. Without an operating history, it can be difficult to get a loan from a bank. In this case, venture capital can be a great option for financing your company. To learn more about venture capital and its application be sure to read this article.

  • What Permits and Licenses Do You Need to Start a Business?

    In order for your business to operate in a certain city or state, you will most likely need to obtain the proper permits and licenses. For this, you will want to coordinate with local and state officials. For some more general information about licenses and permits, such as local and home business licenses and permits, be sure to read this article from MOBI.

  • How to Manage and Keep Good People

    After finding and hiring employees, you are tasked with the job of managing and retaining them. Unfortunately, this task is much easier said than done. For some important tips on how to be a more effective manager, read this article by MOBI.

  • How to Find and Hire Good Employees

    The success of your business often depends largely on the quality of your employees. Hiring and retaining quality employees can be challenging, but it is a skill that needs to be honed over time. Be sure to check out this article from MOBI on finding, hiring, and retaining new employees.

  • Marketing and Sales for the Small Business

    In order for a new business to succeed, it must have a sound marketing strategy in place before getting off the ground. Developing this marketing strategy can often be a struggle for new entrepreneurs, so be sure to check out this article for tips to help you get started.

  • Understanding and Using Crowdfunding for Your Small Business

    As an emerging entrepreneur, there may come a time when you need assistance in financing your business. While there are many different types of lenders to choose from, a viable option to consider is crowdfunding. Read this article from MOBI to find out more about crowdfunding, including campaigns, advantages, and disadvantages.

  • Innovating Workforce Development

    When we think of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship we often picture large and innovative technology companies. Although these big companies often get the most attention, there are a number of smaller programs that are devoted to workforce development. Check out this article by Drew Starbird, Ph.D. and learn more about what these ambitious ventures bring to the table.

  • How to Brand Your Business and Your Products

    Branding your business and your products is a crucial step in separating yourself from your competition. However, developing a brand goes beyond simply choosing a name and a logo. Read this article for seven tips to help you create an identity for your business.

  • What Taxes are Paid by a Small Business?

    As a business owner, it is your responsibility and obligation to know the tax laws and taxes you are required to pay. However, this is not always an easy task to achieve. Read MOBI's article, "What Taxes are Paid by a Small Business?" and get a better grasp on some common business taxes and problems that can arise.

  • Do's and Don'ts of Growth by Duplication

    When you are ready to grow and expand your business you should consider growing by duplication. Replicating your current business model in other locations is proven method of growth. However, if you want to avoid the potential pitfalls of expanding, be sure to read MOBI's Top Ten Do's and Don'ts of Growing Your Business by Duplication.

  • Do's and Don'ts of Financing Your Business

    Are you ready to start or grow your own business? If so, you will undoubtedly need money to finance your business. Avoid making mistakes during this process and check out MOBI's top ten do's and don'ts of financing your business.

  • How to Grow a Business through Duplication

    Considering a "cookie-cutter" approach to growing your business? If you have a successful business model in place, growing your business through duplication could be a thoughtful approach to expanding your brand and building revenue.

  • Seven Parts of a Great Business Plan

    A business plan is an essential tool for emerging entrepreneurs, but they can often be difficult to get right. This blog will teach you how to nail your business plan and get your business off on the right track.

  • Buying a Business: Opportunities and Risks

    You're ready to expand your business. Which is best for you: expansion through acquisition or internal expansion? Read about the risks and opportunities of growing your portfolio through acquisition.

  • Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise

    Many people believe that it is necessary to start a business from scratch in order to be a successful entrepreneur. However, a viable alternative to starting a business from scratch is to purchase a business that is already intact. This article explains why buying a franchise can be a smart decision for emerging entrepreneurs.

  • How To Get a Business Loan

    Many new companies are financed with personal savings. However, often times personal savings are not enough. In cases where you need additional capital, you should consider a business loan. This article will help you navigate the waters of acquiring a business loan.

  • MOBI Commemorates 25 Years of Educating Emerging Entrepreneurs

    Twenty five years ago, the Los Angeles riots were the spark that was the wake up call for Phil and Peggy Holland. Wanting to turn around the fear and helplessness of their community, the Hollands began teaching entrepreneurship classes in Compton, California. As established business owners and educators, the Hollands turned their passion to guide small business owners and help communities through job creation into the world's first online graded course for emerging entrepreneurs and founded My Own Business Institute (MOBI).

  • Five Key Questions About Funding Your New Business

    Businesses inevitably need money to grow and flourish. As a new business owner, you might have questions about the nuts and bolts of funding your business. This article will help you answer these key questions so that your business can get the funding it needs.

  • Three Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

    Because entrepreneurship may be challenging for many people, it is important to develop some key characteristics that successful entrepreneurs have. An entrepreneur should have the guts to focus completely on their business idea, the knowledge about their business, and also the ability to find ways to finance their business.

  • What is a Business Plan?

    In order to start a business successfully, it is important to have a business plan that focuses on the main components of running a business. A business plan should include the goals of the business and an organized summary of the process you will take to reach those goals.

  • Eight Steps to a Great Business Plan

    When writing out a business plan, there are eight necessary steps in the process to produce the best business plan. Find out which steps guarantee the most success in drafting a great business plan.

  • 3 Brand Building Tips for Small Business Websites

    Many new businesses rush to develop an online presence before first laying the necessary foundation. Santa Clara University Alumna Gabriella Sugranes shares three tips that will help small businesses avoid this mistake while building their online content.

  • How to Choose a New Business

    Here are 4 tips for emerging entrepreneurs. Start by choosing the right business to increase your chances for sustainable growth and profitability.

  • How to Create a Job

    Imagine a world with almost zero unemployment. Could a "job creator" mindset be the key?