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  • Opportunities and Risks of Growing Your Business by Acquisition

    One common strategy for companies that want to expand is growth by acquisition. Other acquisitions may include acquiring a competitor, expanding a brand globally, or expanding a company’s product line. No matter what type of company a business chooses to acquire, there are advantages and disadvantages to this type of growth strategy.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Integration

    Business owners are always thinking of new ways to expand their business, and one opportunity to consider is vertical integration. A company is vertically integrated when it controls more than one level of the supply chain. This can include owning or acquiring its upstream suppliers, owning or acquiring its downstream distributors or a combination of both.

  • What is Vertical Integration?

    Successful businesses are always looking for ways to expand and increase their power in the marketplace, and one strategy that will help you get there is vertical integration. When a company is vertically integrated, it controls more than one level of the supply chain, such as owning its upstream suppliers and/or its downstream distributors.

  • How to Calculate and Manage Retained Earnings

    Retained earnings are the income that has stayed in your business from the startup phase to the current reporting period. Thriving businesses have a variety of expenses, such as supplies, equipment, maintenance, repairs, research, labor, insurance, advertising, and taxes. Learning how to manage your retained earnings is an important part of financing and growing your business.

  • 8 Steps for Selling a Business

    Are you considering selling a business? If so, it’s critical to ensure you’re following the proper steps. Not only does this help cut down on the risk that you’ll miss something important, but it can also streamline the process for you and your co-founders.

  • How to Decide When to Sell Your Business

    For many entrepreneurs, selling the business they created is the ultimate goal. Even though selling a business is common, it can be a tricky process to figure out. Not only are there dozens of factors to consider, both internal and external, but selling a business is an intensely personal decision. Fortunately, this guide will provide you with the help you need.