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 Responsibilities of SPOResponsibilities of PI


• Ensure eligibility to apply

• Understand and interpret funder’s requirements and guidelines for proposals to the PI

• Inform PI of any specific requirements that will necessitate additional time or approvals before submission

• Ensure all application forms are completed as required

• Assist with budget development

CONTACT: Sophia Hinojosa


• Conceive and prepare the scope of work, technical narrative, biographical information and budget justification for the proposal

• Identify and secure partners

• Provide to SPO information necessary for budget development including, but not limited to personnel, travel, equipment and participant costs

• Complete required information on the electronic Routing Form, Researcher Agreement, Financial Conflict of Interest form (for self and all investigators) and any additional forms required by SPO or funder

• Submit all proposal materials to SPO at least 5 days in advance of deadline for timely review and transmittal to funding agency

 Responsibilities of SPOResponsibilities of PI


• Accept and sign award

• Negotiate award terms and conditions if needed (with PI) and accept award on behalf of SCU

• Review terms and conditions and reporting requirements of the award with the PI

• Send monthly account statements to PI for review

• Prepare and submit financial reports

• Coordinate project audits by sponsors

• Request extensions and modifications from the funder

• Close-out completed grants

CONTACT: Patricia Kyu       


Saundy Berry 


• Manage the project according to the approved statement of work, sponsor conditions and budget contained in the award document

• Prepare and submit progress reports and other deliverables as scheduled in the award

• Supervise expenditures in conformity with the approved budget or obtain advice from SPO concerning proposed deviations

• Maintain records of cost share expenses and provide to SPO as needed

• Review monthly budget statements to ensure accuracy of charges

• Complete time and effort reporting

• Review and validate financial reports from SPO

• Maintain records to facilitate final project closeout



Yes. We can help you set up a profile which will send appropriate funding opportunities to your email address.

The earlier you contact us the better. We can review the application guidelines, help you develop the budget and start the application forms.

The University Library has resources available for writing data management plans for grant proposals, and a variety of data management and data curation tools.

SPO requires that all grant sections are received business days in advance of the due date so that we can review for completeness and compliance.

Only the SPO is authorized to submit proposals on behalf of SCU. Proposals that are submitted without going through SPO run the risk of being out of compliance with University policy and, if awarded, may not be accepted.

Yes. Whether SCU will be the prime grantee or a sub-awardee on a grant, the proposal still needs to go through SPO.

No. Only an Authorized University Official can accept an award on behalf of SCU. All award letters and checks must be sent to SPO. 

To help determine whether the grant received is a gift or Sponsored Project, please consult this checklist.

Federal ID #:

054800214 – President and Board of Trustees of Santa Clara College

UEI #:

F&A Cognizant Agency:

Indirect Cost Rate:
37% MTDC on-campus
14.6% MTDC off-campus


Estimated Fringe Benefit Rates:
Faculty AY: 36%
Staff: 36%
Students AY (.0085) .85%
Students SUM (.085) 8.5%
Faculty SUM 10.5%

Animal Welfare Assurance #: D18-01042

HHS/OHRP Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) #: 00002737 exp date 04-22-2024

U.S. Congressional District: CA-17 (sometimes entered as CA-017 in
State Senate District: 13
State Assembly District: 23

Local U.S. Congressional Districts:
Santa Clara County: 17, 18, 19 and 20
Santa Cruz County: 20


The award agreement will specify the terms and conditions of the award including any requirements for changing the budget and scope of work.

Please reference this document regarding SPO Cost Allowability.

NSF requires that all PIs, students, and staff associated with an NSF-funded project complete the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course. To access the RCR course:

1. Log in to your CITI account. (If you don't have one, click Register in the upper right corner and follow the prompts.)
2. Click on the My Courses tab in the upper left corner of the screen.
3. Scroll down the page to Learner Tools for Santa Clara University and select Add a Course.
4. Check the Responsible Conduct of Research box.
5. Choose the box that best aligns with your role.

Since there is no central campus for defraying project over expenditures these financial liabilities become the responsibility of the PI and his/her department and the school.

In order to be in compliance with our federal funders, all PIs (whether their funding is federal or not) are required to certify that they are not being paid for more than 100% FTE and that the award is only paying for the percentage of time actually spent on the award(s). 

Moving expenses around to different accounts is a "red flag" to auditors. It is much simpler, cleaner, and more accurate to charge expenditures to the award when those expenditures are made.

Guidelines for Research-Related Expenses Outside of the US Form for Payments for Services Outside of the US