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Recent Awards

  • Hohyun Lee, Yi Fang, and Yuhong Liu received $150,000 from NIST

    Hohyun Lee with the Mechanical Engineering Department and Yi Fang and Yuhong Liu with the Computer Science and Engineering Department have received a $150,000 award from NIST to support their project "Fair and Resilient Control of Energy Systems in Grid-Interactive Buildings Under Skewed and Faulty Communication".

  • Kurt Schab received $575,700.99 from NC State University

    Kurt Schab with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has received a $575,700.99 award from NC State University to support his project "Metrics and Scaling Principles for Energy Synchronous Direct Antenna Modulation Transmitters".

  • Alice Villatoro received $47,095 from Columbia University

    Alice Villatoro with the Public Health Program has received a $47,095 subaward from Columbia University to support her project "Studying Prevalent Mental Health Stigma in Spanish Media to Encourage Help-Seeking Among Growing Young and Diverse Latinx Populations".

  • Linda Starr received $485,000 from Cal OES

    Linda Starr with the School of Law's Northern California Innocence Project has received a $485,000 subaward from Cal OES to support the "Postconviction DNA Testing Assistance Program".

  • Virginia Matzek received $150,871.80 from the Delta Stewardship Council

    Virginia Matzek with the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences has received a $150,871.80 award from the Delta Stewardship Council to support her project "Integrating social and ecological research to control invasive species: solutions for fostering collective action among private and public stakeholders".

  • Deborah Moss-West received a total of $144,350 from The State Bar

    Deborah Moss-West with the Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center has received three separate grants totaling $144,350 from the State Bar Equal Access Fund to support the Law Center's work in providing free legal services for low-income people and to support the Consumer Debt Clinic which will provide free legal services at the Santa Clara County Superior Court Self-Help Center.