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SafeConnect - Common Issues

SafeConnect - Common Issues

Common issues and troubleshooting tips for SafeConnect

Instructions for getting your device connected to one of SCU's wireless networks can be found here: Connecting to Campus Wireless Network.

When you try to connect to the network, SafeConnect will review your computer to make sure that your OS patches and security updates are up to date and that you are running current antivirus/antimalware. If your computer fails either test, you will be placed in network quarantine.

Next Steps:

  • If your computer's operating system is out of date, use the following links. Software vendors use updates to fix known security vulnerabilities so they cannot be exploited. 
    • If you need to update your Mac operating system, click here.
    • If you need to update your Windows operating system, click here.
    • Make sure you are running the latest version of any installed programs and browsers. You can enable automatic updates to do so.
  • If you need antivirus software:
    • First, be sure your operating system is up to date.
    • If you are using a Mac, uninstall any other antivirus software you may have. Check the vendor's website for uninstallers. 
    • For personally owned computer, you can download Sophos Antivirus for free here.
    • For University owned computers, please contact the Technology Help Desk (x5700) to have it installed for you.  
Taking these steps should allow you to get out of quarantine and connect to the network. If you still need help, contact the Technology Help Desk at (x5700).
Some additional troubleshooting tips are shared below.

I cannot get to the SafeConnect login page but was able to join a wireless network. What can I try to do?

Sometimes your browser history can affect how SafeConnect works. You can try deleting your cache and re-opening the browser.

Please see this page and select your browser or device type for directions on how to do this: Deleting Browser Cache and History for eCampus



I have Windows 8/10 and I keep getting a warning that my anti-virus is not running even though I don't have one installed. What do I do?

Please install Sophos AntiVirus using the instructions above.