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Woman sitting on cliff overlooking the sea

Woman sitting on cliff overlooking the sea


In the context of a longterm relationship, a student wonders whether to send a naked picture to her boyfriend.

Mary and her boyfriend of two years, both freshmen in college, have decided to continue dating even though they go to different universities. Unfortunately, after a couple of months apart, they have found it difficult to maintain the intimacy and passion they once shared.

In an attempt to improve the situation, her boyfriend has suggested they send naked pictures to one another. At first, Mary is a little offended that her boyfriend would make such a request; however, the more she considers it, the more she thinks it might be a good idea.

She’s over 18. She’s been dating the boy for a while. Why shouldn’t she?


A Framework for Ethical Decision Making

Room for Debate: What's Wrong With Adult Sexting? (New York Times)


Photo by Mike Licht, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial License.