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New Student Orientation

Welcome, New Students!

The Bursar's Office wants to keep you updated and on track for the important TO DO items for the upcoming months. Download the Bursar Graduate Checklist Fall 2020 here.

Q: Will SPRING 2021 be online or in-person? 

    A: SPRING 2021 classes will primarily be online. We are offering some hybrid and in person courses. Please check the class notes at for the instruction mode of the class. To stay up-to-date you can also visit the Prepared SCU website.


    Q: How is information communicated?

      A: All information from the University, Departments, Instructors and from Graduate Engineering will be sent to your SCU email. Please make sure you check your SCU email frequently.


      Q: Will we be getting student IDs? How do we get them?

        A: This year ACCESS office will be issuing mobile credentials to all students. The access office has sent a link to submit BOTH your credential image and a photo ID to verify your identification. Once your image is accepted; the access card office can assist you with downloading the necessary apps to get their credential working. The access card office link in on our resource and link guide


        Q:How to overload?

          A: All students can enroll up to 10 units. Any units over 10 is considered an overload. Overloading needs permission from the department chair. To request an overload you will need to complete the add/drop form. Only list the class(es) you want to add as an overload. Email the completed form to the department for the department chairs signature. The department chair will need to sign the form and indicate how many units are approved for the overload. Once the add form is completed email the completed form to for processing.


          Q: How does the final project/masters thesis work? When do we start it, and how do we go about it?

            A: Please contact your major department advisor and/or department chair to discuss Thesis/Final projects procedures. To enroll in a thesis/capstone course you need to fill out the Petition for Independent Study/Directed Reading/Research/Thesis/Capstone form. The form can be found on the graduate engineering website under current students resources and registration forms. The form will need to be signed by the Professor and Department chair. The registration deadlines are listed on the academic calendar.

            Q: If we did our undergraduate program at SCU, is there any critical information that we should know? Critical being any information or procedures that are new/different from our undergraduate lives.

              A: The registration process is mostly the same. We do have a $50 drop/swap fee. There is also a $100 late registration fee if you have not enrolled in classes. Both of these fees begin one week before the quarter starts. All registration dates and deadlines are listed on the academic calendar.

                We do not have a degree audit. Your degree progress is tracked through a program of studies. You are required to meet with your advisor to discuss your academic plan and complete a program of studies. If you took graduate courses as an undergrad, those courses must be listed under the transfer credit section in the program of studies. All classes on the program of studies must be approved and signed by your advisor. The graduate office will have the final review of your program of studies and notify you of any issues.  Program of studies are required in your first quarter and final quarter for graduation, however you can submit an updated program of studies at any time if your plan changes.


                Q: How do we get an advisor to ensure we are meeting all required classes?

                  A: Advising is important and all advisors should be able to determine if you are meeting requirements for graduation.

                    To find an advisor, please go to your major department website or contact the administrative assistant in your department to see which advisors are available. The Computer Science and Engineering Department will send you an email with your assigned advisor listed. The following majors have preassigned advisors

                            If for some reason you feel you do not have good communication with your advisor please contact Lisa Jocewicz and/or your department chair for the process to change advisors.


                            Q: Are there student organizations we can join and if so how?

                              A: All students are included in our AGES student group. The Co-Presidents are PJ McCurdy and Brianna McGovern.


                              Q: What extracurricular activities/clubs/programs are available this quarter?

                                A: Every Wednesday you will receive a graduate engineering newsletter with information about events and programs being offered throughout the  quarter. The newsletters will be emailed to your SCU email address.