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SCU Faculty Handbook Section 3.8.1 states that:

The University strives to assure that faculty salaries are competitive with those of faculty at the same ranks in related disciplines at institutions with which it competes. It also strives to eliminate any internal salary disparities that cannot be reasonably explained by market comparisons, years in rank, and performance over time.

The achievement of these salary goals is a high priority that will be balanced with other priorities within the financial resources of the University. Progress is monitored by the Provost's Office and the Faculty Affairs Committee on the basis of periodic salary studies conducted in accordance with implementation guidelines established by the Faculty Affairs Committee.

In 2014-15, the Faculty Affairs Committee in collaboration with the Provost’s Office drafted Provisional Guidelines for the Periodic Study of Faculty Salaries. In January of 2016, the Periodic Study of Faculty Salaries Working Group (PSFSWG) was created to assist the Faculty Affairs Committee in finalizing a market analysis methodology for tenure-stream faculty salaries. The proposed methodology developed by PSFSWG and market adjustment recommendations of the Faculty Affairs Committee have been combined into draft Guidelines for the Periodic Study of Faculty Salaries, which are published to the faculty every year. In March 2020 the FAC Subcommittee on Lecturers and Adjuncts recommended the integration of non-tenure-track faculty in the Periodic Implementation Guideline (PIG). Since then, all academic year faculty salary means have been incorporated in the annual report.

The annual reports are posted by the Faculty Affairs Committee and presented each spring to the Faculty Senate Council.