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Flexible Scheduling

The University has developed several policies that permit faculty to adjust their teaching schedules to allow more focused time for research, and to better resource year-round graduate programs.

First-Year Course Reduction Policy

The Provost’s Office offers funding to ensure that all new tenure-track faculty members receive a one-course reduction in their first year. This additional support promotes professional success and ensures a less stressful adjustment.

Flexible Course Scheduling Policy

Designed to provide faculty with greater flexibility to pursue significant research projects, develop curricular innovations, or address personal needs, the Flexible Course Scheduling Policy allows tenured and tenure-track faculty to cluster courses during an academic year in order to arrange one term without teaching obligations.

Course Reduction

The Provost and the Faculty Research Committee invite research-active, tenured faculty to apply for a one-course reduction in teaching load to directly support scholarly activity.  See the call for proposals at the Faculty Funding Opportunities page (Research Grants Open to tenured faculty > "Course Release") .

Summer Teaching Policy

The summer teaching policy permits faculty members teaching in year-round graduate programs to fulfill their teaching responsibilities by substituting the summer term for one quarter during the regular academic year. This policy helps faculty members create a teaching schedule that best fits their personal and professional needs. Interested faculty should consult their department chair and Section of the Faculty Handbook.