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Peer Educator Program

Faculty Involvement

For all Faculty using Peer Educators

Thank you for your interest in the Peer Educator Program. 

If you are planning to invite Peer Educators to work with you next quarter, please contact the Director of the Peer Educator Program, Dr. Theresa Conefrey at <>.

You must do this between now (the date of this email) and Thursday of the first week of class. Within two work days, the students you sign up will receive an e-mail from the Registrars Office giving them a 5 digit course number for registering for credit for peer educating and information about the workshop. You can go back to the website later and add more students if you want, until Peer Educator registration closes (Thursday of the first week of the quarter, at 5 p.m.).

Please remember that this step (notifying the Registrars Office) does not mean that the student is enrolled in the Peer Educator course; it simply creates the course. In order to receive units for their work, students have to register by using the 5 digit code sent to them by the Registrars Office. (You can see if they have done this or not through eCampus).

If you have problems with the website or questions about the Peer Educator program, please contact the director, Dr. Theresa Conefrey, at <>.

My Department Has No Peer Educator Course

If you are in Business you can use BUSN 191. Otherwise, your department needs to create a course called something like “Peer Educator in Chemistry”. This requires approval of the Department Chair and the Dean. Then it goes to the Registrar’s Office. In Practice, it is easier than it sounds. You will need a course description. Feel free to adapt one of those at Peer Educator Bulletin Entries. Once it has been created, please notify the director of the Peer Educator Program, currently Theresa Conefrey.