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Peer Educator Program


We would like to encourage faculty to include peer educators in their undergraduate classes.  As you can see by the testimonies on this page, it creates a rich learning experience for the peer educator as well as for the students in the class and can benefit the faculty mentor, as well. 

Here are just a few stories from participants in the Peer Educator program.  More to come!  Please enjoy.

Peer Educator Stories
  • Working as a peer educator was one of the most memorable experiences I will take out of SCU. Aldo Billingslea truly mentored me on the art of teaching, organizing, and leading a class. The course “Acting Styles: Acting for the Camera” is a class chock full of information and the only way to get better is by doing.

  • I have used peer educators a number of times in my calculus courses. Since these classes have 35 - 40 students, peer educators can help me run interactive quizzes and circulate during group work. During the last few minutes of class I have them field questions the students have from previous homework. I enjoy seeing their growth doing this during the term.

  • Working with peer educators has been one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at Santa Clara. Over the past three years, they have improved the quality of education for students in both my Critical Thinking and Writing classes, as well as my Business Ethics classes.