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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

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  • How to Make More Ethical Decisions

    No matter what profession you’re in, we can usually predict the kind of ethical issues you will face. We call these, “Unavoidable Ethical Dilemmas.”

  • Open Government; Private Email

    The Center's Public Sector Roundtable heard from Hanson Bridgett attorneys Julie Sherman and Caroline Lee about whether emails from private email accounts by a public official should be part of the public record.

  • The Ethics of Police Stops

    Dominance and Subservience in Law Enforcement Procedures

    A pedestrian traffic infraction rapidly escalated into a violent altercation and ultimately resulted in the death of a young African-American woman.

  • Your Very Own Data Privacy Policy

    With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Internet Ethics Director Irina Raicu created a privacy policy that corporations must sign in order to do business with her.

  • Religious Liberty and the Sexual Revolution

    Tom Reese, S.J., distinguished visiting scholar at the Ethics Center, writes about an interview with Douglas Laycock, professor of law and religious studies at University of Virginia.

  • Yik Yak: The Medium and the Message

    The social media program that has been causing consternation at colleges across the country gets a different approach at Santa Clara University.

  • Race and Identity

    What to make of Rachel Dolezal

    Is race a fixed identity, or is it something a person can take on, like converting to another religion?

  • A Failure of Research Ethics

    Science magazine retracts gay-marriage canvassing study

    Does pressure to produce cutting-edge stories foster an ethically questionable publishing process?

  • MOOCs

    An Education in Diversity

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