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MyOwnBusiness Institute

Faculty & Advisors

We want your small business to thrive so we’ve connected with successful entrepreneurs, distinguished academics, business leaders and investors to develop our coursework.

Ed Grier

Dean, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

Joined 2021

Larry Biehl

Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center
Joined 2018

Tanya Monsef

Executive Professor and Director of Global Fellows Program,
Santa Clara University
BSC '86
Joined 2017

Lisa Rathfelder

Representative of the Holland Family and Trust
Joined 2021

Laura Norris

Associate Clinical Professor; Co-Director, High Tech Law Institute; Director, Entrepreneurs' Law Clinic,
SCU School of Law
J.D. '97
Joined 2018

Claudia Peters

Former President and CEO,
My Own Business, Inc.
Joined 2014

Alex Potts

Buckingham Strategic Partners
BSC '89
Joined 2018

Theresa Strickland

CEO, Chief Home Design;
Executive Professor of Business & Digital Marketing, Leavey School of Business, SCU
MBA '04
Joined 2017

Yacanex Posadas

Founder, Yacanex Community; Owner, Yacanex Business Group

Joined 2021