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Welcome Garden Friends!

The Garden Play Project is your guide to exploring nature wherever, however, you find it.

Our story begins with the Resiliency Bags project. In the first days and weeks of Shelter-in-Place, our garden programs coordinated with local leadership and community members to provide weekly deliveries of fresh produce to families in need. Soon these bags evolved in their contents, providing pantry items and environmental education learning prompts for children and their families receiving Resilience Bags.

Read more about our story here!

As the Center for Sustainability's outreach program, Bronco Urban Gardens partners both on and off campus, using place-based learning in and around urban gardens to create shared learning experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds (including SCU students) to build resilient, inclusive communities in the garden and beyond!

The Garden Play Project is our response to the pandemic as our place-based garden program couldn’t gather in the traditional way, in our usual spaces. This blog highlights co-created projects and content from the faculty and students working with BUG to maintain meaningful connections and cultivate healthy relationships with longstanding community partners.


Plant sapling coming out of soil
Navigate here to Digging in the Dirt

Dig into soil and get a little dirty- it’s fun! There’s much to find when we get close to the ground and take a look around. What will you find?

Jumping rope in Crocs
Navigate here to Jump to Reduce & Reuse

Do you have lots of plastic grocery bags around the house? Nearly two million plastic bags are used every minute, so let's find a new use for them!

Herbs growing out of a wicker basket
Navigate here to Growing in the Kitchen

Use a couple of commonly found kitchen stables to explore the magic of plants. A dried bean can start you off on a seed sprouting activity, and the leftover stem of a lettuce head can be a kitchen counter experiment!

Can made into a bee hotel hanging from a tree
Navigate here to A Place for Garden Friends

Carpenter and mason bees are solitary bees, which do not make honey, but they are important pollinators that help our gardens grow! Build them a bee hotel with items you might throw out.

Roses growing out of green rubber rain boots in a backyard lawn
Navigate here to Grow your Own Flower Power

Upcycle an old shoe or boot, by turning it into a plant pot! Make sure to plant non-edible plants in a shoe.

Five smoothies in jars with kiwi, orange, raspberries, and grapefruit on a table
Navigate here to Eat the Rainbow

Beat the heat and make a healthy snack out of fresh produce! Did you know that fruit is the part of the plant that carries and protects its seeds? Can you think of all the different fruits you eat? There's watermelon and apples. What about zucchini and tomatoes?!

Carrying groceries in a paper bag
Navigate here to Paper Bag Journal

What to do with all your grocery bags collecting at home? Check out our creative new use for this old thing!w

Bird perched on a bird feeder
Navigate here to This is For the Birds

Bird watching is for any age. This craft + bird watching guide will get you started.

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