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Santa Clara University's transportation demand management (TDM) programs and policies are geared toward reducing single-occupancy vehicles travelling to and from campus.  A recent campus study found constructing and maintaining a new parking garage could cost over $38,000 per parking space. We believe that investing in TDM programs will improve transportation efficiency for all Santa Clara University students, faculty, and staff. We are constantly exploring new incentives and programs to help the University avoid additional costs while reducing our transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. For more information about Santa Clara University's transportation services, please visit the Transportation Services website

  • Transportation Demand Management Plan

    Learn more about how SCU's parking policies can help the University achieve its climate neutrality goals while withstanding the simultaneous expansion of the geographic area and population of the campus.

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    Public Transit

    SCU is very fortunate to be located directly across the street from the Santa Clara CalTrain/VTA Transit Station. There is excellent bus and rail service to the area, including a bus shuttle (Route 60) to the San Jose airport. To encourage employee use of public transportation, Santa Clara University offers transit tickets at reduced rates for faculty and staff. 

    If you're not sure how to start using public transit, try this trip planner that does the work for you! Additional modes of public transportation that provide service to the campus include:
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    SCU encourages carpooling by offering free parking passes for carpools which are vehicles that arrive on campus with 2 or more persons. To participate in the Carpool Program you must:

    • Register all participants in the carpool at the Campus Safety office. There is no fee associated with the Carpool Programs.
    • Receive a Carpool sticker that must be visible on the vehicle of use.
    • Upon arrival, the carpool participants must be verified by Campus Safety at the Main Gate. 
    • Once verified, the vehicle will be issued a daily parking pass to be coupled with the Carpool sticker.
    • Each Carpool will receive 5 daily parking passes per month for participant's use during the month of issuance and must be validated on the day of use by Campus Safety at the Main Gate.

    To apply for the program, fill out the Carpool Program Form.

    Additionally, carpooling just became easier at Santa Clara thanks to the muV and Scoop phone apps. The University has partnered with these companies to encourage ride-sharing and decrease the need for bringing a car to campus. Don't have a smartphone? Visit Ridematch, a free service of to start or join an existing carpool.

  • Bicycling

    Many students, faculty, and staff use bicycles as a convenient way to get to SCU. In addition to having bicycle racks located throughout campus, Santa Clara has two bicycle programs that make the campus very user friendly.

    Derozap is a campus bicycle commuter program encouraging individuals that work at the University to commute to campus in a more sustainable manner. For each day that a commuter rides their bike, they will receive a point. These points are then redeemable by the commuter for parking in the future. 

    Does your bike need fixing? To support University staff, faculty, and student bicyclists, there are four Dero Bike Fixit stations around campus. A Fixit station can be found at Swig Hall North Steps (Kennedy Mall side), San Filippo West End (near the Sobrato Fountain), Campus Safety/Transportation Services, and the University Villas. Use this map to find other Fixit stations in the Santa Clara / San Jose area and nationwide. You can also check out Community Cycles of California, a nearby non-profit social enterprise.

    Wondering where you can get on a bike in Santa Clara County? Check out this countywide bike map.

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    Electric Vehicle Charging

    SCU provides public electric vehicle charging stations on campus. These stations are free for campus parking permit holders for the first 4 hours or cost $2.00 per hour for all other users with a maximum charge of $6.00. The stations were installed as part of a grant, and they fill a gap as the nearest stations are at the SJC airport, downtown San Jose, and along the peninsula. Users registered with the ChargePoint Network can see available charging stations online.

    Don't have an electric car yet? Check out this information about the California Rebate Incentives!

  • ZipCar Rental

    Santa Clara has partnered with Zipcar to expand transportation opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members. After enrolling in the program on Zipcar's web site, participants can choose to reserve a Toyota Prius, Scion xB, or Honda Insight. Most vehicles are available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are five vehicles located in the Mission lot and eight located in the Accolti lot.

Transportation Demand Management Plan Task Force

This Task Force is developing a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan that enables the University to achieve its commute-related carbon neutrality goals by 2029 withstanding the simultaneous expansion of the geographic area and population of the campus.

Millie Kenney, Transportation Services
Cara Uy, Center for Sustainability Coordinator

Laura Ceja, Transportation Services
[Seat vacancy], Human Resources
C.J. Gabbe, Environmental Studies & Sciences Faculty
Helen Kassa, Undergraduate Student, Associated Student Government
Andrew Ishak, Parking and Transportation Committee, Communication Faculty
Eric Hagle, Graduate Student, Law
John Veargason, Planning and Projects
Suds Jain, Planning Commission, City of Santa Clara
John Davidson, Senior Planner, City of Santa Clara
Debby Fernandez, Associate Planner, City of Sant Clara
Calyn Hart, CivicSpark Fellow, City of Santa Clara 

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