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Energy Challenge

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The annual Residence Energy Challenge in February encourages campus residents to examine their power usage and find ways to reduce wasted energy throughout the whole month.

Upcoming Related Events:

Zero-Power Hour, February 6th, in all RLCs, 9 PM

Social Media Scavenger Hunt, February 16 & 17 (Submit by Fri, 11:59 PM: CLICK THE RED BUTTON!)

Eco-Fashion & Art Show, February 23rd, de Saisset Museum, 7-9 PM

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The Energy Challenge has three subcompetitions:

  • Energy Conservation - AC League
  • Energy Conservation - No AC League
  • Enthusiasm - Overall

This means that residence halls with user control of air conditioning are in the "AC League" group, and those that do not have individual user control are in the "No AC League." Rather than directly rivaling against one another, residence halls attempt to reduce their building's electricity consumption in comparison to historical use, adjusted for changing numbers of residents. Students in the top-conserving residence halls, and those in the residence halls with the most enthusiasm for energy conservation efforts will be awarded prizes (3 RLC winners in all).

Electricity Competitions

AC League
RLCs in user controlled air-conditioned (AC) residence halls
  • Alpha (Graham)
  • Communitas (Campisi)
  • Da Vinci (Casa)
  • Modern Perspectives (Dunne)
  • Loyola (Sobrato)
  • Nobili
No AC League
RLCs in non-user controlled air-conditioned (no AC) residence halls
  • Cyphi (Swig)
  • Unity (McLaughlin/Walsh)
  • Xavier (Sanfilippo)

Enthusiasm Competition

(for highest number of active residents and actions engaging in energy conservation and peer education)
  • Alpha (Graham)
  • Communitas (Campisi)
  • Cyphi (Swig)
  • Da Vinci (Casa)
  • Loyola (Sobrato)
  • Modern Perspectives (Dunne)
  • Nobili
  • Unity (McLaughlin/Walsh)
  • Villas
  • Xavier (Sanfilippo)

You can monitor your RLC's energy use every day and even every hour with a live data dashboard that is hooked up to energy meters for your building. View Residence Energy Usage.

Enthusiasm Points

All building/RLSs listed including Nobili and the University Villas are eligible for this sub-competition.

In the spirit of the game and competition, the Energy Challenge includes other activities to unify both the Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) on campus and off-campus students under the message of the significance of energy reduction. At these events, residents can earn enthusiasm points for their RLC. The RLC with the most enthusiasm points accumulated during the Energy Challenge is awarded the "Most Enthusiastic" building award. Enthusiasm can be reported to the Center for Sustainability by posting on the Facebook page, or emailed to with a description of the program or initiative, a picture, the number of residents engaged or impacted, and the RLC. Enthusiasm points will be awarded only if content is submitted in the week that they occur. For instance, if an RLC implements a program on a Monday, the picture and details must be sent or posted within that day or before the next Monday to be considered.

How to earn more Enthusiasm Points !

Taylor - coldwaterwash

Social Media Award

Post creative, sustainable actions on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Mention your RLC and the following hashtags in order for it to count towards your building's enthusiasm! The more active you are on social media, the more raffle tickets you can win for the raffle prizes at the end-of-the-competition party, the Winners' Circle!


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Winning RLC buildings will receive a catered ice cream party, special individual prizes for winning residents and social media winners, as well as opportunities to win at a raffle at the Winners' Circle event in the first week of March.

Individual prizes include:

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Dave & Busters
  • San Francisco Zoo
  • Fandango
  • Sharks Hockey
  • Frisbees
  • Succulents
  • Flashlights
  • Nalgenes
Congratulations to our 2015-16 winners:
Modern Perspectives (Dunne) won the Conservation Award for the "Non-AC League" and Loyola (Sobrato) won the Conservation Award for the "AC League" and the overall Most Enthusiastic Award.

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