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Buildings & Grounds

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    Building Design

    Santa Clara University adopted a Sustainable Building Policy in 2014 in order to plan and maintain sustainable and high-performing buildings. SCU is a former member of The Green Building Council, the overseeing body of the LEED rating system, and retains staff that have been trained in the principles of LEED as well as a number of LEED certified design consultants.

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    The campus landscape is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serves an important function and promotes a more sustainable relationship with our natural resources. The University maintains landscaping with consideration to human needs and healthy ecosystems in mind by striving to minimize the use of toxic chemicals, protect wildlife habitat, and conserving and managing resources, such as a campus-wide tree tagging program.

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    Water Conservation

    The University has responded to Governor Jerry Brown's declaration of a drought state of emergency in California with a goal to reduce the campus' potable water use by 20 percent. We have committed to reduce landscaping watering by 20 percent. Most of campus (over 85 percent) is already irrigated with recycled water, and we are expanding use of recycled water whenever possible.

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