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Forge Garden Programs

Forge Garden Programs

Program Goals

  1. Educating SCU and surrounding communities by using our gardens as living labs for place-based, interdisciplinary learning. 
  2. Building community resilience by produce donation, food education, farm stand operation, and neighborhood collaboration.
  3. Helping to build a just and sustainable food system by utilizing ancestral and innovative, small-scale sustainable agriculture practices.

What is the Forge? 

The Center for Sustainability's Forge Garden is a half-acre edible, organic garden that serves as a hub for sustainable food system education. Forge Garden Programs aim to build a just and sustainable food system through education, collaboration, and connectivity, using the garden as a living lab for interdisciplinary learning.

Established in 2008, the garden currently hosts chickens, an apiary, a 400-square-foot greenhouse, a compost center, over 20 fruit trees, over 15,000 square feet of garden beds, an outdoor kitchen, and the 2007 Solar Decathlon House which is utilized as public commons. Visit our history page to learn how the Forge earned its name.

Our garden is certified organic through California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

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Organic Certification shows a sunflower with roots and arrows pointing in a rectangular loop

SCU Campus Involvement

Find collaborative inclusive events and programs that foster community, nature, and sustainability.

SCU Campus Involvement

Local Community Involvement

Find events and workshops on gardening, cooking, and sustainable food systems.

Local Community Involvement

Center for Sustainability

The Forge Garden is part of the Center for Sustainability at SCU.

Center for Sustainability

Garden Resources

Check out gardening instructional guides, plant-based recipes, and fun student project ideas!

Garden Resources

Forge History

Learn about the history and milestones of the Forge Garden

Forge History

Upcoming Events at the Forge Garden
In the News

Media clips about the Forge Garden Program:

Meet Our Team
Garden Apprentices
Forge Garden Summer Interns

Forge Garden Managers:

Rose Madden: 2012-2015, Katharine Rondthaler: 2015-2021.

Garden Educator: Lisa Martinez: 2015-2021.

2023 Garden Apprentices: 

Ayla Flanagan. 2021-23.

Maddy Hwang. 2021-23.

Madeline Pugh. 2020-23.

Madi Williams. 2021-23.

2022 Summer Garden Interns:

Abby Grimm

Alexa Pritchard

Ava Solorzano

Emma Young

Hannah Hagen

Hugo Muro Avila

Jessica Luna

John Redinbo

Mateo Coghlan

Nilay Hingarh

Oli Branham Upton

Sophia Bouzid

Whitney Janes

2021 Garden Apprentices: 

Anjali Rangaswami: BUG Intern. September 2020-June 2021.

Julia Jenak: September 2018-September 2021.

James Konugres: September 2020-June 2021.

2020 Garden Apprentices:

Kate Wyant: 2020.

Sammi Zamora: 2020.

Tommy Hayashi: 2020.

Food System Fellow:

Emma McCurry: March 2019 - December 2020.

Paige Whittaker: April 2019-June 2020.

2018 Garden Apprentices:

Everett Kinkade: Fall 2016 - Summer 2018.

Meredith Anderson: Fall 2017 - Spring 2018.

Ryan Kincheloe: Fall 2017- Spring 2018.

2017 Garden Apprentice:

Beatriz Monterola-Lemus: May 2016 - June 2017.

2016 Garden Apprentice:

Hailey Kennedy: September 2015 - June 2016.

2014 Sustainability Intern:

Olivia Benson: Forge Garden Events and Outreach. March 2013 - March 2014.

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