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Tree Trackers

Measuring Trunk Circumference. Pictured: Hannah Trillo '23

Did you know that Santa Clara University has over 2,000 trees on our campus? The Center For Sustainability’s Tree Trackers help us to gather necessary data on the health and growth of all of these trees. This program also helps us reach our goals of offering a Service Learning Project to all campus community members as a Tree Campus USA campus.

Spend an hour outdoors monitoring on-campus trees with the Tree Trackers! This program highlights the importance of our urban forest in combating climate change and contributing to Santa Clara’s natural aesthetic value. Practice using tools such as a vertex laser and a diameter measuring tape to gather data about tree height, tree diameter, species living in the trees, and more. By attending this event, you will also earn your Landscaping Badge from the Center for Sustainability! Participants also have the opportunity to symbolically adopt one of SCU’s trees, which means returning to the adopted tree once a quarter to monitor its health until the end of the academic year.

The 2019-2020 academic year served as the inaugural year of the Tree Trackers program. Thirty participants helped us to gather important data on about sixty trees, and we are looking forward to tracking more trees in the coming years! If you are interested in participating in upcoming data collection sessions or have any questions, please email