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Faculty Research

Santa Clara University is committed to fostering a more humane, just, faith-filled, and sustainable world. To that end, the University has developed a distinctive and substantial research focus on justice and sustainability by increasing faculty research and enhancing research collaborations in these areas.

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Sustainability Research Initiative

To advance these goals, SCU launched a Sustainability Research Initiative. Components of the initiative were developed from a series of focused discussions with faculty scholars in 2009 and funded by the President's Office.

Through grants for research, professional development, and retreats, the initiative has helped to establish a vibrant, productive, and collaborative research community focused on projects related to justice and sustainability. Faculty can continue to apply for sustainability research grants of up to $10,000 to support research and creative activity and foster new scholarly projects in the areas of sustainability and environmental justice.

Faculty Research

Faculty are conducting research related to sustainability that ranges in a variety of topics such as coastal conservation, food security, restorative and environmental justice, energy management, k-12 climate education, and ESG investing.

College of Arts & Sciences

Art and Art History
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Child Studies
Environmental Studies and Sciences
Ethnic Studies
Modern Languages and Literatures
Political Science
Public Health Science
Religious Studies
Theatre and Dance
Women's and Gender Studies

School of Education and Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology

School of Engineering

Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
General Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

School of Business

Information Systems and Analytics
Management and Entrepreneurship

School of Law


Amirbahman, Aria. Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

Anderson, Ryan. Anthropology

Aoki, Katherine. Art and Art History

Bachen, Christine. Communication

Bacon, Christopher. Environmental Studies and Sciences

Baker, Gregory. Management and Entrepreneurship

Banducci, Bonita. General Engineering

Bezanson, Michelle. Anthropology

Bracco, Jeffrey. Theatre and Dance

Cai, Ye. Finance

Cai, Gangshu. Information Systems and Analytics

Chang, Jamie. Public Health Science

Cruz, Isaura. Anthropology

Dahlhoff, Elizabeth. Biology

Davila, Omar. Child Studies

Dezfouli, Behnam. Computer Science and Engineering

Dill, Kimberly. Philosophy

Duarte, Derek. Theatre and Dance

Fabris, Drazen. Mechanical Engineering

Fang, Yi. Computer Science and Engineering

Fernandez, Jesica. Ethnic Studies

Figueira, Silvia. Computer Science and Engineering

Gabbe, Charles. Environmental Studies and Sciences

Gray, Leslie. Environmental Studies and Sciences

Hanna-Weir, Scot. Music

Hernandez-Ramos, Pedro. Education

Hinga, Teresia. Religious Studies

Hsiao, Ihan. Computer Science and Engineering

Ifcher, John. Economics

Jegathesan, Mythri. Anthropology

Jo, Hoje. Finance

Kealhofer, Lisa. Anthropology and Environmental Studies

Kennedy, Susan. Philosophy

Kevane, Michael. Economics

Khanbaghi, Maryam. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kim, Won Jung. Education

King, Molly. Sociology

Kitts, Christopher. Mechanical Engineering

Korsmeyer, Katy. Biology

Kusanovich, Kristin. Theatre and Dance

Lee, Hohyun. Mechanical Engineering

Levy, Naomi. Political Science

Liu, Yuhong. Computer Science and Engineering

Llamas, Jasmin. Counseling Psychology

Lodhia, Sharmila. Women's and Gender Studies

Lukes, Timothy. Political Science

Mackenzie, Sonja. Public Health Science

Matzek , Virginia. Environmental Studies and Sciences

Maurer, Edwin. Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

Minowitz, Peter. Political Science

Miranda, Veronica. Anthropology

Mobed-Miremadi, Maryam. Bioengineering

Molony, Barbara. History

Newsom Kerr, Matthew. History

Nichols, Laura. Sociology

Panich, Lee. Anthropology

Pappas, Andrea. Art and Art History

Popalisky, David. Theatre and Dance

Raphael, Charles. Communication

Read, Kirsten. Psychology

Ribas-Casasayas, Alberto. Modern Languages and Literatures

Russell, Margaret. Law

Sandel, Brody. Biology

Saxton, Katherine. Biology

Serrette, Reynaud. Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

Singh, Sukhmander. Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

Skinner, David. History

Statman, Meir. Finance

Stewart-Frey, Iris. Environmental Studies and Sciences

Stoehr, Kathleen. Education

Sundstrom, William. Economics

Wheeler, Korin. Chemistry and Biochemistry

Woolley, Jennifer. Management and Entrepreneurship

Yang, Tseming. Law

More and more students are focusing their research on issues related to sustainability. Such projects include engineering students' senior design projects, an analysis of the University's current and future energy usage and an examination of the sustainability in SCU offices.

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