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    Across the Curriculum

    No matter your choice of study, sustainability can be integrated into your coursework through specific classes or a pathway.

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    Transforming Curriculum: Sustainability Across the Curriculum Program

    The Sustainability Across the Curriculum Program, formerly known as the Penstemon Project, supports faculty to integrate sustainability across the curriculum in every school and department at SCU. The program offers funding and training for the faculty, strengthening our campus culture of sustainability. Sustainability Across the Curriculum also keeps an inventory of all courses that include sustainability, building our reputation as a leader in higher education.

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    Faculty and students have the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of sustainability through research inside or outside of the classroom.

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    Academic Programs

    Pursuing additional education can take sustainability passions to a whole new level, whether it's the Sustainability Minor, a certificate program or a Master's.

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    Teaching Resources

    Faculty can find resources here for implementing sustainability in the classroom.

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