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Campus Operations

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"Most people don’t think of the hard physical labor that is needed to create a sustainable campus. The sweat is worth it."

Tim Mains


  • Buildings & Grounds

    Learn about sustainable features of our campus buildings and landscaping, including water conservation

  • Food and Dining

    SCU's Dining Services provider, Bon Appétit, has joined with students, faculty, and staff to ensure a more sustainable food supply with minimal environmental impacts.

  • Purchasing

    Santa Clara University has policies to purchase sustainable products, including computers, cleaning chemicals to office paper.

  • Transportation

    The University operates a fleet of over 30 electric vehicles for campus operations, and is one of the most EV-friendly college campuses. Staff and faculty also receive benefits such as free carpool parking and reduced rates for public transportation.

  • Waste Diversion

    The Facilities department operates a comprehensive university-wide recycling and composting program, diverting 58 percent of waste from landfills.