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Move-Out Waste Diversion

Prevent extra stress during Finals Week by starting your move-out process early! Check out our recommended 2018 Weekly Move Out Guide.

students helping with the 2012-13 move-out donations

In the last five years, students have diverted over 25 tons of material away from the landfill during the Move-Out Waste Diversion process by donating, storing, selling, or properly recycling. Our individual actions to sort our stuff during Move-Out not only help to reduce our impact on the environment, but also help SCU to save money in landfill fees!

Scroll through the categories below and check out the maps of your residence hall (alphabetically) to learn where to place your old-to-you stuff as you pack up for the summer.

Please neatly place your donations to the big cardboard bins in your residence hall lobby. Donations to Hope Services are a great way of keeping your perfectly good reusables out of the landfill! A good rule to follow about donating items is that you would feel comfortabel giving them to a family member or close friend. Hope Services is a nonprofit agency that helps individuals with developmental disabilities to become valued and participating members of their communities. They accept the following items:

list of acceptable move-out donations for hope services

The regular waste and recycling areas will be closed during move-out week to prevent overflow. There will be designated recycling containers near every trash dumpster. Read your building's instructions to find the recycling area nearest you. Bring recyclables such as glass, plastics #1-7, aluminum, paper and cardboard to these areas. Please flatten cardboard items and place next to the bin.

SCU will recycle your old carpets. Please leave your (rolled!) carpets in the grass next to the staked sign labeled "CARPETS".

Electronic waste (e-waste) is anything with a cord or battery. If your items work, please donate them to Hope Services or a friend. If not, bring them to the staked signs labeled "E-WASTE" so they can be properly recycled. Don't throw e-waste away! If not recycled properly, it can be extremely hazardous to the people that end up dealing with it.

Second Harvest Food Bank: Donate non-perishable items to the barrels by Cellar Market, or donate up to $50 of your leftover food points.

Non-perishable foods will also be collected in the residence halls to be donated to the on-campus food pantry. Please look for labelled bins next to the Move-Out bins in the the lobbies.

Any Benson dishes should be returned to the Benson dish return prior to moving out. Any dishes found in the trash or the donation bin will result in a community fine.

2019 Campisi Move-Out Map detailing waste diversion 2019 Campisi Move-Out Map detailing waste diversion
2019 Campisi Move-Out Map showing waste diversion 2019 Campisi Move-Out Map detailing waste diversion
2019 McLaughlin Walsh Move-Out Map detailing waste diversion 2019 Nobili Move-Out Map detailing waste diversion
2019 San Filippo Move-Out Map detailing waste diversion 2019 Sobrato Move-Out Map detailing waste diversion
2019 Swig Move-Out Map detailing waste diversion 2019 Villas Move-Out Map detailing waste diversion
Sign up to help move donations into Hope Services trucks and receive $30 for each shift you work during Finals Week. Email with questions.