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Welcome to the SCU Sustainability Playbooks - a program by the Center for Sustainability for all members of our campus community to learn, live, lead, and create lasting sustainable changes.

Collect all 7 badges to help SCU build a more humane, just, and sustainable world! 


Get involved by viewing the Playbook based on your campus role(s) and choose actions to complete today for a more #SustainableSCU!

Sustainability Undergraduates
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Sustainability Faculty
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Sustainability Staff
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Sustainability Alumni
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7 hexagon icons in a honeycomb shape showing all the sustainability badges that can be earned
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Now that you've viewed the Sustainability Playbook based on your campus role, choose how you'll contribute. Earn collectible badges to show off how you're building a more #SustainableSCU! (There are 7, collect 'em all!)

Get your playbook action progress report!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Badges Can I Earn?

Visit our Badges page to learn more about all of the badges you can earn.

How Do I Earn a Badge?

To earn a Scholastic, Climate Action, Mindful Consumption, Environment, Common Good, or Well-Being badge, you must complete three actions: one "learn" action, one "live" action, and one "lead" action in the respective badge category. 

To earn the Change Maker badge, you must complete a transformative "launch" action and have previously earned all other badges.

How Do I Submit An Action?

Have you completed a sustainable action - a learn, live, lead option - from your playbook? Fill out this form!

What Do I Get For Earning A Badge?

Beyond the satisfaction of knowing that you've contributed to a more #SustainableSCU, you can celebrate your actions through physical and digital badges (to be displayed on LinkedIn). CfS will also share the news of your badges on social media, in our newsletters, and on our website. Change Maker badge earners will be considered for our annual Sustainability Champion awards.