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Investment Fund (CSIF)


The goal of the Campus Sustainability Investment Fund is to support campus-based projects that move SCU toward Climate Neutrality by reducing campus greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Selected projects will reduce:

  • energy use via conservation or efficiency (electricity or natural gas)
  • transportation emissions associated with student & employee commute or university-sponsored travel
  • landfill waste
  • water consumption

CSIF is an internal fund that provides financing to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability projects that generate emissions reductions and cost savings.


Students, faculty, and staff can submit their project plans online. Proposals will be reviewed and decided upon by a committee gathered by the Center for Sustainability which includes staff, faculty, and student representatives. Project funding will be determined by this committee, and will depend on project type and scope. Approved projects will be implemented by University Operations, with project submitters being involved throughout the process. Project outcomes will be measured and savings will be re-invested in future campus sustainability investments.

 For those interested in receiving updates about the fund submission process or discussing potential projects, join the CSIF Google Group.

Santa Clara students, faculty, and staff are eligible and encouraged to apply for funding. Projects can be submitted by an individual or as a team. The CSIF is an educational tool to provide hands-on learning and involve our campus community in driving positive change at Santa Clara University. The goal of the fund is to encourage the university’s population to create their own solutions to help SCU meet our sustainability goals.


Drop-in information sessions will be held on Wednesday of Week 4 of each quarter for those who are interested in discussing their ideas and the deadline to request technical information from SCU staff is Week 5 (one week after the informational meeting).

The deadline for project applications is 11:59 pm on Wednesday of Week 8 of every quarter. 

CSIF Committee

Lindsey Kalkbrenner, Director of Center for Sustainability, Manager, Technical Reviewer

Toby Smith, Director of Utilities, Technical Reviewer

James Wang, ‘19, Sustainability Intern, Buildings and Grounds, Technical Reviewer

Chiqui Tañedo, University Finance Office, Technical Reviewer

Damian Park, Economics, Technical Reviewer

Gisselle Degadillo, ‘20, Sustainability Intern, Academic Programs. Committee support staff

Stephanie Hughes, Environmental Studies and Sciences, SLURP instructor

Chad Raphael, Communication, Provost’s Faculty Sustainability Associate

Maryam Khanbaghi, Electrical Engineering

Erin Ronald, ‘19, Fossil Free SCU Student Representative

Nicholas Spinelli, ‘17, Alumni, former Sustainability Intern, Academic Programs

Past Projects In the Curriculum