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Community-Based Learning

Our neighborhood gardens provide community-based learning experiences for undergraduates, through place-based learning, service learning opportunities, and coursework seeking to fulfill ELSJ requirements, supporting SCU’s commitment to academic excellence. We facilitate engaged shared-learning spaces and inclusive garden-based curriculum for school aged children in underserved neighborhoods and marginalized communities of Santa Clara County, incorporating SCU student engagement and scholarship. 

Explore Food Justice at the Community Level:  Our neighborhood gardens build on local partnerships and works in solidarity with surrounding neighborhoods, in order to create mutual learning experiences that promote inquiry and dialog for a more just, humane and sustainable food systems.

This is just the beginning! There are countless other ways to utilize the garden for your courses. We hope to engage with students from all concentrations and explore how the garden can be included in the cura personalis education provided by SCU. Contact if you would like to bring your course to the garden.

CTW placement/any interested faculty looking for single time community experience

Our neighborhood gardens work with several departments on campus, in order to provide experiential learning opportunities for a specific course.  We collaborate with both the professor and community to build out an engagement model that uniquely fits the needs of all students involved.