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Liaison Network

Imagine our campus as a place where all of its members show, in how they live, work, study, and play, that they care about the balance of our natural enviroment, social equity, prosperity for all, and personal well-being. 

Our Sustainability Liaison groups drive this vision every day by serving as peer educators for sustainability and experts in their respective areas on how to best integrate sustainability into their offices, programming, research, classroom, and resident communities. 

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Employees (Workplace)

Passionate employees around campus encourage their colleagues to engage in sustainable behaviors for their office operations and programming that align with the Sustainability Strategic Plan.


Faculty who are interested in integrating sustainability into their research, curriculum, and department meet to discuss ideas, resources, and collaborative projects.

Residence Life

Residence hall student staff engage their residents in sustainable behaviors by role modeling, creating sustainability-themed programs, and facilitating campus-wide initiatives.

April meeting 2015

Student Employees (SEEDS)

Student employees who want to make a difference in their place of work meet to share ideas on how to engage members of their organization in aligning more with the Sustainability Strategic Plan.

"We include sustainability in our student employee training because sustainability is part of Campus Recreation's vision and values for our program and the student workers help us bring our vision and values into fruition."

Janice DeMonsi

Workplace Liaison

Pull quote illustration
Pull quote illustration

"The idea came to me because I save nutrition bar my desk to take over to Malley for recycling. I thought if I'm doing it for myself I could expand and do it for Lucas Hall."

Carol Kelly

Workplace Liaison

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Help implement the Sustainability Strategic Plan 
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Navigate here to Learn more Do you live off campus?
Do you live off campus?

Join other off-campus students interested in living more sustainably at evening potlucks in the surrounding neighborhood once-a-quarter.

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Navigate here to Learn more Are you a student club leader?
Are you a student club leader?

Sit on the Student Sustainability Advisory Board and meet with other club leaders to collaborate and plan events focused on integrating sustainability into student life.

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