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Liaison Network

The Liaison Network consists of four cohorts of individuals who are educators for sustainability and experts on how sustainability interplays with their respective groups. These Sustainability Liaisons focus on integrating initiatives in their social networks that contribute to the campus culture of sustainability.

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The Network is a resource and community that facilitates collaboration for people who are interested in working and living more sustainably in their life on and off campus. Liaisons help the Center for Sustainability achieve University goals and commitments by developing a culture of sustainability, as well as help more campus members practice responsible consumerism, reduce carbon emissions through energy and water reduction, and use the campus as a living lab.


Employees (Workplace)

Workplace Sustainability Liaisons engage their colleagues in sustainable behaviors in order to develop a culture of sustainability among faculty and staff at SCU.


SCU Faculty

Faculty who are interested in living/working more sustainably meet to discuss how to be change agents in their social and professional networks, including research and curriculum.


Residence Life

Community Facilitator (CF) and Neighborhood Representative (NR) Sustainability Liaisons engage their residents in sustainable behaviors, create sustainability-themed programs, and facilitate campus-wide residence hall initiatives including the Energy Challenge, Swap for Good, and waste diversion during move-out.


April meeting 2015

Student Employees (SEEDS)

Student employees engage their co-workers in sustainable behaviors in order to develop a culture of sustainability within their campus department or organization.

"We include sustainability in our student employee training because sustainability is part of Campus Recreation's vision and values for our program and the student workers help us bring our vision and values into fruition."

Janice DeMonsi

Workplace Liaison

Pull quote illustration
Pull quote illustration

"The idea came to me because I save nutrition bar my desk to take over to Malley for recycling. I thought if I'm doing it for myself I could expand and do it for Lucas Hall."

Carol Goad

Workplace Liaison

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    The Center for Sustainability's brand has grown in large part to the Mission Sustainable logo. If you would like to be an advocate of our visual brand, please view our certain requests and instructions.

Do you live off campus?

Join other off-campus students interested in living more sustainably at evening potlucks in the surrounding neighborhood once-a-quarter.

Are you a student club leader?

Sit on the Student Sustainability Advisory Board and meet with other club leaders to collaborate and plan events focused on integrating sustainability into student life.