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Sustainability Data Hub

Welcome to SCU's Sustainability Data Hub!

The Center for Sustainability collects sustainability-related data to track SCU's progress toward our sustainability goals. These data sets help us discover insights about our operations and drive descision making in order to continually improve our campus sustainability practices. This Sustainability Data Hub will constantly change as new datasets are added and existing sets are updated.

The Center for Sustainability encourages you to join students, faculty, and staff who are using these data sets for class projects, papers, theses, and research. If you need access to raw data, or are looking for a certain type of data set that isn't here, email with your request and we can try to help you obtain the data.

If you use information from this Data Hub, please let us know!

Click here to Academics Academics


Sustainability trends in our curriculum and research. Data sets include sustainability course offerings and faculty curriculum workshops.

Click here to Academics AcademicsAcademics
Click here to Engagement Engagement


Trends in our campus and community programs. Data sets include metrics about our culture of sustainability and environmental justice partnerships.

Click here to Engagement EngagementEngagement
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Sustainability trends in our physical facilities and grounds. Data sets include energy, greenhouse gas emissions, food, landscaping, purchasing, waste, and water.

Click here to Operations OperationsOperations
Click here to Strategic Plan Sustainability Strategic Plan

Sustainability Strategic Plan

Track progress on key performance indicators across Climate Action, Responsible Consumption, and Quality Education.

Click here to Strategic Plan Sustainability Strategic PlanStrategic Plan