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Track SCU's Progress

Track SCU's progress toward achieving goals and objectives in our Sustainability Strategic Plan by clicking on a section below.
Bike-to-Work-Day-2018-groupshot - 360x240. Photo Credit: Vanessa Shin.
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SCU is committed to carbon neutrality for scopes 1 and 2 by 2020, and for scope 3 by 2029. This section consists of transportation, energy, and climate.

Waste Characterization in Facilities Yard
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We need to use our resources wisely on both an operational and individual level. This section consists of purchasing, landscaping, water, and waste.

Water Resources lab with Dr. Iris Stewart-Frey. Photo credit: Chuck Barry
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There are a number of ways to learn about sustainability on campus--inside and outside of the classroom. This section consists of student and employee engagement as well as academics.

Engage with SCU's Sustainability Strategic Plan

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