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  • John Farnsworth receiving a Sustainability Championship Award from Tom Wheeler
    Sustainability Champion Awards

    This awards celebration publicly acknowledges Sustainability Champions who have been leaders and change agents in the areas of academics, operations, engagement and innovation, and have embodied sustainability in their work, activities, and life throughout the year.

  • students helping with the 2012-13 move-out donations
    Move-Out Donation Collection
    June (Weeks 9, 10, and Finals Week)

    On-campus residents place reusable donations into big containers, located in their residence hall lobbies, for Hope Services or Bronco Surplus. Residents are also encouraged to place all other items in designated areas around campus, such as e-waste, food, or carpets, to divert waste from the landfill.

  • People shopping at the Swap for Good in 2012
    Swap for Good

    This on-campus clothing exchange seeks to serve the needs of local community organizations, such as the women and children of the local Home Safe shelters who would benefit from the accessories and apparel collection, and raises awareness about reuse and recycling.

  • 3 students, including the waste diversion intern Kayla Wells, posing in trash cans at a waste characterization (Nov, 2015)
    Waste Characterizations
    Once a quarter

    These audits help SCU determine what we're discarding into our waste systems and how to improve or expand waste reduction, recycling, and composting programs.