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Santa Clara University's Sustainability Strategic Plan outlines several goals related to Climate Neutrality and Responsible Consumption.

The Sustainability Data Hub tracks our progress.

Navigate here to Emissions

SCU inventories our greenhouse gas emissions every year. See how our emissions have reduced since 2005.

Navigate here to Energy

SCU tracks our energy use and sources of energy. See how we track against our conservation and renewable energy goals.

Navigate here to Food & Dining

SCU tracks our plant-based purchases and proportion of "Real Food" purchased.

Navigate here to Landscaping

See how we are progressing on our sustainable landscaping goals and find out how many trees are on campus.

Navigate here to Purchasing

See our purchasing trends related to electronics and cleaning products.

Navigate here to Transportation

Learn more about SCU students' and employees' commute habits and travel trends.

Navigate here to Waste

Learn more about the amount of waste we generate as well as changes in waste composition over time.

Navigate here to Water

Dive into our data to see how our water (and recycled water) use has changed over time.