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Water Conservation

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    Water Bottle Filling Stations

    Water fountains and goose-neck fillers (which allow you to fill a water bottle while holding it upright) are located throughout campus. View an online campus map to see marked "Water Filling Stations."

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    Water Meters

    Online meters linked to University Operations monitor Swig Hall, Jesuit Residence Complex, and Nobili Hall. SCU also has offline meters at multiple buildings on campus.

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    Water in Residence Halls

    Residence hall laundry facilities include only front-loading washing machines, using 35-50 percent less water than top-loading models. Low-flow shower heads are used in 95% of residence halls. These shower heads spray 1.5 gallons per minute. Low-flow toilets and sink aerators (2.2 gpm) have also been installed in most campus locations.

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    Waterfree Urinals

    Waterfree urinals have been installed in restrooms throughout campus. These units are estimated to conserve an average of 40,000 gallons of water per urinal per year.

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    Recycled Water

    The majority of our campus landscape is irrigated with recycled water. This represents roughly 40 percent of total water use. All efforts are made to water over night to use water efficiently.

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    The University plans and maintains the campus landscape with consideration to human needs and healthy ecosystems in mind by striving to minimize the use of toxic chemicals, protect wildlife habitat, and conserving and managing resources, such as a campus-wide tree tagging program.

Notice a leak or broken sprinkler?

Report wasted water to 408-554-4742 or