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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Ongoing Conversations around Internet Ethics

Brief videos and recent articles about 10 key topics

Irina Raicu

In 2013, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics asked a number of Silicon Valley leaders and pioneers to highlight, in a series of brief videos, what they saw as particularly important issues in internet ethics. As we are about to enter 2017, it is striking to note that those issues (and the ethical dilemmas they often present) remain highly relevant.

We thought it would be interesting to pair each of the videos from that series with a link to a recent article that reflects the ongoing conversations around the issue raised in both:


Charles Geschke: “The Need for Accuracy Online

Only You Can Stop the Spread of Fake News


Stephen Luczo: “The Disconnect: Accountability and Consequences Online

How Fake News Goes Viral: A Case Study


Steve Bennett: “Protecting Privacy and Society

Is Silicon Valley losing the fight over user data?”


A. C. “Mike” Markkula, Jr.: “The Internet Is a Privilege

UN condemns internet access disruption as a human rights violation


Kim Polese: “The New Digital Divide

FCC Study Finds Millions of Americans Still Experiencing Slow Internet


Owen Tripp: “The Right to Be Forgotten

Google says it won’t give in to French demands on privacy rights


Dan Warmenhoven: “GPS and Privacy Tradeoffs Online

Privacy Advocates Ask Uber To Reverse Decision To Track Users After Rides End


Pat Gelsinger: “The Ethical Dilemma of BYOD

Emerging Threat: Wearables in the Enterprise


Radha Bassu: “Mobile Technology and Social Media

Safety, efficacy guidelines in store for mobile health apps


Shannon Vallor: “On Designing a More Ethical Internet

The internet is broken. Starting from scratch, here's how I'd fix it.


Dec 19, 2016

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