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Businesses You Can Start For Cheap


Download: Businesses You Can Start for Little or No Money


Many people want to start businesses but think they have enough money. However, many businesses, including some global businesses, have been started by dedicated entrepreneurs who had very little start-up capital. The trick is to specialize in a service or product that you're good at, you love to do, and then start growing one order at a time. Here are just a few ideas:

● App development
● Bookkeeping services
● Blog writing
● Car washing (portable) for office buildings and homes
● Childcare/babysitting
● Caregiver
● Cleaning services for businesses or homes
● Computer installation and repair
● Computer programming and coding
● Consulting
● Delivery of prepared meals for restaurants and clients
● Driving for Uber or Lift or other car services (personal driver or taxi service)
● Consignment sales through platforms like eBay and Amazon
● Editorial services (Proofreading,editing, etc.)
● Event planner
● Etsy online pop-up businesses
● Freelance writing/copywriting
● Freelance bartending
● Gardening/landscaping services
● Gift baskets
● Graphic artist/designer
● Handyman services with a specialty
● Home stager
● Converting a hobby or skill into a business: baking, jewelry making, instrument tuning, etc.
● Holiday decorating for homes and businesses
● Interior design consultant
● Lawn care and gardening
● Makeup and hair services
● Personal shopper
● Personal trainer
● Personal chef/meal prep/catering
● Personal assistant/virtual assistant
● Pet sitting or pet walker
● Photographer (weddings, parties or businesses) or online photo selling
● Podcasting
● Portable food cart (your own specialty)
● Professional organizer
● Remodeling (specialized)
● Resume/document writer or editor
● Senior care services
● Social media marketing
● Sports coach (tennis, basketball, baseball, etc.)
● Tax preparation
● Teaching/tutoring: computer, musical instruments, languages, etc.
● Transcription service
● Translation services
● Travel planning
● Website design and management

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Download: Businesses You Can Start for Little or No Money

Businesses You Can Start for Little or No Money Download